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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

2016 Fall Fab Fit Fun Box

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share my new (to me) subscription box to Fab Fit Fun. I recently canceled my Ipsy and Peaches & Petals subscription boxes for various reasons and decided to try something new. I've been wanting to try the Fab Fit Fun box for awhile now, but the price was holding me back. I received a really awesome coupon deal in the mail and received my first box for only $34.99. Fab Fit Fun is $49.99 every 4 months and comes out each season. I can't wait to see what is in the winter box!

Some of My Favorites
I received this tan, white and black Modcloth scarf in my box. They had several different colors of scarves, so I had no idea which one I'd receive in my box. I also received this adorable mug, I love anything in gold/black or white/gold! I can't wait to sip some tea in it this fall!

I also received these adorable Toesox Fitness Socks. I think these will be perfect to wear when I do some of my workout DVD's at home, such as yoga or they'd be great for barre! They even have some tread on the bottom, so I won't slip!

Goodies Inside 2016 Fall Fab Fit Fun Box

Untitled Untitled
Modcloth Loch and Key Scarf - $34.99
I just adore this scarf! I brought it along with me when I went to Chicago earlier this month. It really kept me warm! The neutral color is perfect!

Toesox Fitness Socks - $18.00
I was so excited to receive these, but at first I wasn't sure when I'd wear them... then, I read the papers they included in the box and I realized they were fitness socks! These will be great for my at home work outs/DVD's! The purple color is perfect for the fall, too!

Pure Cosmetics Nude Collection - $50.00
This is actually a dupe of the Urban Decay Naked 2! I am REALLY excited, because I have almost all of the Urban Decay palettes, except this one! So, now I'm set! It is a very shimmery and highly pigmented palette and the Pure Cosmetics does not stay on as well, even with an eye primer. I never, EVER get creases on my lids when I prime and apply Urban Decay, but with Pure Cosmetics I did... SO, I will continue to use it... but, if you have a choice... go with Urban Decay all the way baby. The brush and overall tin is not as high of a quality as Urban Decay either... but, I LOVE the colors and will get some use out of it!

The BrowGal Eye Brow Gel - $20.00
This product is amazing! I will use it when I run to keep my brows in place (its sweat and water resistant!) and I also use it after I do my brows in the morning when I do wear makeup.

Untitled Untitled
Mullein & Sparrow Mini French Lavender Body Oil - $18.00
I didn't think I'd love this... but, WOW. I love it. I put it on my legs after I shave and it really does have a relaxing scent and my legs are so smooth!

Skin Laundry Restoring Night Serum - $50.00
Another item that I didn't think I'd love... but, I put this on every night before my eye cream, serum and face lotion and it really does work wonders on my skin during the night. I have used this EVERY night since I've gotten my box! LOVE.

Spongelle Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer - $16
I'm not a HUGE fan of these... but, this one is the best I've ever tried. I got a horribly hard one in my Peaches & Petals box, but the quality on this one is better. I am wondering when its going to run out of soap, it just keeps giving and giving.

Untitled Untitled
FabFitFun Coloring Book & Colored Pencils - $14.00
I am starting to get quite a collection of adult coloring books and no time to color in them. Yet, this one is really super cute. I love that pencils were included. I just need to hide them from my daughter!

Secret Outlast XTend Clear Gel (No Price)
Not bad, nothing memorable. Used it on my trip to Chicago earlier this month since it is travel size.

Cottonelle Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths (No Price)
These are nice, I keep them in my car so I can freshen up after my runs. :)

Total Retail Value of Box: $239.99

I was really, really pleased with ALL of the items in this box! I will definitely continue this subscription for now! To find out more about FabFitFun, click HERE.

And, I have some exciting news to share:

Adventures in Bible Journaling E-Book Available Today!
Ebook Ipad (1)
My friend Bethany from Southern Couture (and she is also one of the hosts for our Creative Corner link up party on Sundays) just finished her first e-book! It is called Adventures in Bible Journaling: An Extensive Beginner's Guide to Art and Bible Journaling. If you've been wanting to start bible journaling, but have no idea where to begin... this book is for you!

Monday, October 24, 2016

My Invisalign Journey (Trays 9-15) and Progression Photos

Today I am going to share a little more about My Invisalign Journey with you. Back in May, I shared my first Invisalign post HERE and talked about my first 8 trays with Invisalign. Today I am going to share some information and progression photos for Trays 9-15. And, no, I am not done with Invisalign yet. After your first round of trays (I had 15 trays), they start revision trays. Unfortunately, I found out I have 18 revision trays... I am currently on tray 3 of those. I will continue to share updates as my progress continues.

I talk about why I went with Invisalign and what the entire process was like in my first post (see link below). I am not going to repeat it all in this post, but I will share my progression photos with you. If you have any questions, be sure to let me know in the comments.

Past Invisalign Posts: My Invisalign Journey (Trays 1-8) and Progression Photos

Progress Photos
These are pictures of my teeth and some are close ups... so, just a little warning. :) Probably not the most flattering photos, but I want to share how they changed from tray to tray and you can't do that unless you show some close ups.

Before Invisalign
Untitled Untitled
When I look back at these photos... I just can't imagine how bad my teeth looked. Yikes. I had braces in 5th grade and my teeth looked ok until my thirties. That is when they really started to shift. I will DEFINITELY be wearing my retainer after going through braces and Invisalign! I also can't wait to have some whitening action done!

Tray Nine, Day One (to see Trays 1-8, click HERE)
Untitled Untitled

Tray Ten, Day One
Untitled Untitled

Tray Eleven, Day One

Tray Twelve, Day One
Untitled Untitled
You'll see that my bottom teeth aren't perfectly straight up and down. This is something that won't be corrected until the revision trays, which start after Tray 15.

Tray Thirteen, Day One
I was in Italy when I took this photo. Being in Italy and wearing Invisalign was... difficult. There is so much food to be had and it was hard to keep my trays in for most of the day.

Tray Fourteen, Day One
I forgot to take specific progress photos for Tray Fourteen (oops!). But, I do have this photo from a sunset dinner at the winery with my tray out.

Tray Fifteen, Day One
Untitled Untitled

Before Invisalign

Invisalign Tray 15
I am beyond pleased with the results so far. Invisalign has made my teeth look normal again and I didn't have to look like a teenager and wear the metal braces again. Most people do not even notice I have Invisalign on unless they come right up next to me to talk to me. I mention to some people I have Invisalign on and they tell me they didn't even notice it! It seems kids (especially Nathan and Autumn's classmates) notice my Invisalign the most. 

The worst part to me now is taking the Invisalign in and out when I have to go out to eat. If I am with friends, I will go to the bathroom to take them out, but if I'm just with my family I'll take them out at the table and I am sure I embarrass them. LOL. Putting them back in is not as bad and I usually do that always at the table. :)

What's Next?

After Tray 15, I went to the orthodontist and had new impressions made on my teeth. They then sent them to Invisalign and they made revision trays for me. I wore Tray 15 for about 5 weeks until my revision trays came in. I found out that I have EIGHTEEN revision trays. Whew! I am on Tray 3 of them right now and will do another post once I hit Tray 9 to share some more progress photos.

I want to whiten my teeth and it is suggested to put the whitening solution in the last 3-4 days of each tray. The whitening solution will 'stain' the trays a little, so it's recommended to use it the last few days of each tray. The other option is using the whitening solution for the last 4 weeks (last 2 trays, since I wear each tray 2 weeks), but they would be stained the entire time. I haven't started the whitening process yet.

After I finish Tray 18, I will have Veneers put on my front 4 teeth in place of the bonding. This will give me a better smile since the bonding tends to stain after time. Only my 2 front teeth are chipped, but it is recommended to put the veneers on all 4 front teeth to give a more even smile.

That is all I have for today, I hope to get another progression post out after I finish Tray 9! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Creative Corner Link Up Party & Weekly Recap - 10/23/16

Welcome back to our DIY/Craft Link Up Party! Thank you for stopping by every week!

Today's Feature is Easy Fall Tablescape
 by Lolly Jane.

I like to share a little recap of my week at the start of each party:

On Friday night, I made homemade margaritas! It is SO easy to do with only 3 ingredients. In a shaker, combine the juice of 2 limes, 4 oz of water, 2 oz of tequila and 1 oz of agave nectar. Shake and serve in a salt rimmed glass. I enjoyed this margarita with My Brother's Salsa and their organic corn tortilla chips. I went with the cucumber tomato salsa and it was delicious! What I love about My Brother's Salsa is that the salsa is all natural, gluten free, no preservatives, no sugar added, low sodium and no artificial colors or flavors. The ingredients are listed right on their website! 

Untitled Untitled
Last weekend, my daughter had a Brownies event at a nearby park. We walked on the trail and made nature bracelets. We also saw TWO snakes, one was by my feet when we stopped on a trail, but thankfully it was just a little one! Yikes!

Untitled Untitled
I went for a run on my favorite trail this week and the leaves are really starting to fall. So pretty! I also finally got a chance to whip up the Idahoan Signature Russets Mashed Potatoes that Influenster sent me. I added some extras to them to make them loaded mashed potatoes!

Nugget, our hamster has been under the weather. He is on antibiotics and a steroid, because the vet thinks he has an inner ear infection. He sort of leans to one side and was really bad before we started the medicine. He could barely walk without falling over. Now he seems to be able to walk, but he's sleeping A LOT. So, I don't know what will happen. He goes off the medicine in a couple of days and I'm worried he will get worse again. Nathan got to camp this weekend for cub scouts! Camping is one of his favorite things to do!
Full Disclosure: The salsa and mashed potatoes were gifted to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday Fashion Files Link Up #84 - Fall Flashback!

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files!

Welcome to Thursday Fashion Files with Jill at Doused in Pink and Carrie at Curly Crafty Mom! We are excited to have you here and would love to have you link up one of your latest outfits with us.

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I don't know about you, but I always LOVE to go back and see what I wore LAST fall. It reminds me of what's in my closet, what still works together and it gives me some new ideas. So, today I'm sharing a Fall Flashback post with you!

I've also noticed my teeth are a lot straighter (thanks Invisalign), my legs are a little more muscular now (thanks Chicago Marathon!) and every year I seem to get better at this whole taking photos/editing business. Yay for experience!

What to Wear to a Fall Wedding

Autumn Fashion Picks

Stripes and Hair Extensions


Marsala Sweater Dress

Pink Gingham and Firmoo Glasses

Burgundy Moto Jacket

Favorite Plaid Scarf

Asymmetrical Top & Flare Pants

Fall to Winter Wish List

Olive Fringe Shirt & Slouchy Beret

I hope you enjoyed looking at some of my past fall looks! I'd love to hear which ones were your favorites in the comments below.

You can also see my Fall Fashion Flashback post from 2014, here: 2014 Post

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My pick from last weeks party is Elise from Sparkle and Slippers.

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