Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's first cold

Friday, January 30, 2009

Autumn's first cold

My mom told me the pictures of Autumn sleeping in the bassinet looked bad!! Thanks, mom! She asked why Autumn's mouth was open like she was mouth breathing. Well, it turns out that she has the nasty cold that Nathan and I have... so, that is why my beautiful girl looks sick in those bassinet pictures- because she was and I didn't realize it yet. I need to take some new ones once she is better. She woke up almost every hour last night, which is not like her. She also was coughing but not a hacking cough, just a normal cough. She seemed stuffed up but not to where she couldn't nurse. She still acted alert and smiley.

Then this morning she slept in her swing for three hours and that is sort of unusual for her to nap that long in the morning, especially because Nathan was home and he can be so loud. Well, I took her temperature and it was 99.6. Jeremi called the doctor and they suggested Tylenol drops. I nursed her and she slept another three hours in the swing. I woke her to feed her and her temp was 100.0. I decided to rush into Target with her (she slept the entire time) and get the Tylenol. She slept all evening in the swing. The doctor said its good for her to sit upright with all the drainage. Her temp is at 98.5 now so its much better. Poor girl. I am curious as to how she'll sleep tonight. I hate using the Little Noses on her and syringing her nose out. She gets huge tears everytime I do it.

Sooo... I think I am ready for Spring.
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