Curly Crafty Mom: Christmas in January due to Stomach Virus

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas in January due to Stomach Virus

Today we went over to my parents house to celebrate a 'late' Christmas. We were hit with a vicious stomach flu virus the week before Christmas and it really messed the holidays up... A few days before Christmas Nathan told Jeremi his belly hurt. Then Jeremi carried him to bed because he was falling asleep sitting up (which is sooo not like Nathan). As soon as Jeremi got Nathan in his room he started throwing up. NOT FUN! Jump to four hours later, I started throwing up. At the time Autumn was only 4 weeks old and I exclusively breastfeed her. Jeremi was busy helping Nathan as he threw up for several hours, so I had noone to help me with Autumn. It was horrible, I had her in the bouncy chair next to me in the bathroom as I threw up. And, yes, she was screaming to be held. I was so sick I had no energy to nurse her. We called my Dad and he came over with pedialyte and gatorade and calmed Autumn down. My mom works the evening shift at Walgreen's and we called her and she got off early and got Autumn to bed. Luckily when Autumn woke at 2am I had enough strength (and was done puking my brains out) to nurse her.

Two days later, Jeremi gets sick with it! Luckily my mom was off work that night so she put Nathan to bed. Jeremi puts Nathan to bed and I put Autumn to bed. I am so glad I didn't have to put both of them to bed that would have been so hard.

Then, Christmas day my Dad caught it... my mom and Autumn were the only ones that did not catch it. Sooo, of course, the rest of the family did not want to come over for Christmas and avoided us like the plague. My mom did come over with a ton of food for us and we opened gifts.

So, today we celebrated Christmas in January with my parents, my brother and his fiance. Here are some pictures that I took...

My parents got my brother and his fiance guitar hero for the Wii. Nathan is helping Jeremi carry the box to them.

Nathan helping them unwrap the huge box.

Tracy, Jeff and Autumn. This is the first time my brother has held Autumn. Babies make him nervous. lol. Anyway, its about time, Jeff! Maybe next time he sees her he can change a dirty diaper. ;)

Me and Little Bits as we call her!

Jeremi and Nathan. Have you noticed we are all wearing red plaid? Well... except Autumn. They just don't make plaid shirts for babies, do they?

Soommmeone stole my camera and took some crazy shots. I spared you of the one where you get a front row seat of viewing Jeff's nostril hair. I thought Tracy would like this photo since he's atempting a cute puppy dog face. Ha!!!
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