Curly Crafty Mom: Day of reading... and, potty chart!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Day of reading... and, potty chart!

Well, today was pretty uneventful... Autumn napped most of the day, so I held her on the boppy while I watched Jeremi and Nathan play and read... and read some more. I get a few parenting magazines in the mail and I read all three of them today (Parents, American Baby and Family Fun). Then, I had won a party on and it was a Orville popcorn, Maybelline and Lipstick Jungle party. Basically they mail you a huuuge box of favors for you and your guests and you host a party. I got boxes of organic popcorn, lipsticks and mascaras, a DVD of the first episode of Lipstick Jungle, etc...FOR FREE!! They also sent me the book Lipstick Jungle, which the tv series is based off of... and, get this-- the author is the same author of Sex and the City which I loved. The book is pretty good but a bit different from the tv series. If anyone wants it after I am done reading it, its all yours. I want to read something of more substance next-- 'The Pillars of the Earth' by Ken Follett. Then, after I read a couple of chapters of Lipstick Jungle I read Nathan and Autumn's handouts that the Parents as Teachers lady left me this last week. So, I got alllll caught up on my reading today while Autumn got some good naps in.

Jeremi went to the grocery store today and came back with a yellow posterboard, black sharpie, star stickers and prizes (Hot Wheels). Nathan will be 3 in May and is being a stickler about potty training. And, trust me, having 2 in diapers is not fun. Before Autumn was born I had Nathan sit on the potty in the morning, after each meal, before bath time and before bed. He would never go for me but did twice for my mom. Then, Autumn came and I stopped and Jeremi took over a lot of Nathan's evening business. Newborns are so much work and Autumn still is a lot of work so I still struggle with finding time to get Nathan on the potty. Jeremi made a chart and every time Nathan sits on the potty and/or goes he gets a star. 5 stars=a prize (Hot Wheel). Then, hopefully once that becomes a breeze, we'll make it harder to get a prize like maybe he has to pee and not just sit on the potty 5 times to get a prize. It sounds easy but its not, I can see this whole idea failing but we'll give it a go. We (the parents) just need to stick to it. Jeremi already broke the rules and gave him a prize for sitting on the potty for an hour before bed. ;) And he didn't pee! Sigh. I sometimes think he will only learn to do his business on the potty when he wants to... but, we'll just keep trying to enforce it. Sooo frusterating.

Anyway, here are pics of the potty chart that Jeremi made, and the 3 stars Nathan earned today for just sitting on the potty:

(And yes, I gave Jeremi trouble for not putting Sunday on the top... lol)

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