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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lainie's One!

Today my friend Katie had us over for her daughter's first birthday party. I used to work at OGR with Katie and we have known each other through our engagements, marriages, pregnancies (well, just one for her!) and our kids! I guess I should say I have known her 8 or 9 years? 2.5 years working at OGR and then I will be at my new job 6 years this June. I did not even realize I had known her that long before I typed this... WOW! Anyway, today was her daughter's birthday and it was also the first time I got to see her house. She decided to be a stay at home mom and they moved into this house and her husband fixed it up. It looked like it was new inside! The party was a lot of fun, Katie's husband is ready for another baby (at least that is what he told me!) but Katie isn't just yet! Lainie was just like Nathan, she didn't want to eat the cake. She cried about it but I am sure when she is 2 she will be all over it! Nathan just finger painted with the icing when he had his first birthday cake. Lainie is such a great walker already at 1!! She loved playing with the tissue paper. Nathan was in love with a Hot Wheel toy there and had big crocodile tears when the boy left with it. At least now I have an idea of one thing to get him for his birthday in May! lol!

Here are pics..unfort. I don't have one of Katie with Lainie!! :(

Here I am with Lainie.

Lainie enjoying her cheese. She was so tired!

Lainie's OWN cake!

Aww! She cried when we all sang Happy Birthday.

Lainie's favorite gift

Lainie with her Rams Bear and tissue paper. Nathan with his Hot Wheel find!

After the party we decided to go see BIGFOOT. Katie lives on the opposite end of St. Louis. We live in South County and she lives 37 minutes away in North County. My mom used to work at Ruma's Deli at a mall close to Katie's house and I have a lot of memories from the area. This was back when I was in high school, back in the early 90's!! Anyway, one exit past Katie's house is where BIGFOOT lives. Its basically a monster truck! I wanted to drive by it to show it to Nathan since he is a car lover! It was too cold to get out to see it. They also have something new next to it- I have no idea what it is but you can see it in the picture. Also, in this area you can pull over and see the airplanes fly by. Its very loud and neat to see them at night. Of course, Autumn started fussing and it was just too cold to get out of the car to see them so we will have to do this later. We were very close to the airport.

The famous BIGFOOT!
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