Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan works on his Valentine cards

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nathan works on his Valentine cards

Today Jeremi had to work and while Autumn napped we worked on his valentine cards. He doesn't really have anyone to give them to yet, but it was still a lot of fun. This is his third year of doing these with mom's help... although, this year he did it mostly on his own.

Here are some pictures that I took...

First, I have to post a picture of Autumn all bundled up in the swing. She is feeling much better!

Nathan is so excited to do valentine cards this year.

Nathan is getting into the box. My mom got these Thomas the Train valentines on clearance for 99 cents last year.

He looks so serious here! Nathan is looking at all of the valentine cards.

Nathan is so big this year and can rip the cards apart... ok, so I ripped them half way to make it easy on him.

Stacking the cards after he has ripped them

Coloring the cards to give them his special touch

Nathan loves to make dots with markers/crayons

This one is neat because he tried to loop the marker around each heart


Nathan with alllll his valentine cards

Nathan with the valentine cards after he decorated them

All of his cards

Nathan rarely likes to color but today he went to town on the Thomas coloring page that came with his valentine cards

This is the most Nathan has ever colored... I was so excited that I hung it on the fridge. He never colors the entire picture like he did here...
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