Curly Crafty Mom: Pumping... blah!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pumping... blah!

Well, I have exactly 4 weeks now until I go back to work so I've been trying to get some things ready for my return. I pumped my breastmilk the first year at my work and I plan to pump again this time around. My work offers a single stall bathroom with a lock, chair and table for pumping mothers. I pumped 3x a day at first but dropped to 2x a day as Nathan started eating more baby/finger foods. I pumped one 5 oz bottle each time.

I need to start pumping now because:

(1) Autumn has never had a bottle

(2) I need 3 bottles of milk pumped for my mom to give her for my first day at work. This will be hard since I feed her every 2-3 hours already. Its easy to pump this much when at work because I'm away from her.

SOOOO... I pumped today at 2:30pm, after she had been napping 2 hours. I only pumped 1 oz!!! Ugh, that is not even enough for my mom to give her a bottle for practice tomorrow. Now I am stressed.. I am going to try to pump tonight after she has been in bed an hour or maybe tomorrow morning after her morning nursing session? Ugh! I am not sure. Fun, fun...

Here is all I got..any advice? I hope I can at least pump another 2 oz by tomorrow for my mom to give her a that she has a 3 oz bottle. So much work for one bottle!!

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