Curly Crafty Mom: Taking Autumn to work to show her off AND using leftover homemade playdough

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Taking Autumn to work to show her off AND using leftover homemade playdough

Today I took Autumn to my work to show her off to my coworkers. I haven't seen any of them since Nov. 19th on my last day of work before my maternity leave!! I go back to work Feb. 12th and thought it'd be a good time to bring her up and to revisit. I work in corporate world so she got to see quite a few people down in the balcony. Everyone wanted to hold her and it was funny because anytime anyone blonde held her she'd cry for Mommy, but if someone with brown hair held her she was contempt. It was nice to see my coworkers again but it'll be sad when I do have to leave Autumn with my mom and return to work. I'm trying to enjoy every minute...

After I got home I fed Autumn and put her in the baby swing and she napped for an hour. I decided to put the leftover homemade playdough to good use!

I have this container of a hundred plastic cookie cutters that I got one year for Christmas.

I pulled out all of the vehicle cookie cutters and rolled the dough out and cut one of each.

Then, Nathan can paint them later and play with them. He loves cars, trucks, planes, etc. I also made extra trains so I can use them as favors for the kids for Nathan's birthday party in May since I plan to do a Thomas theme. I plan to paint them Thomas blue and then paint each kids name on them and put it on their favor bag. You could also make ornaments, paper weights, or magnets with these. Lots of possibilities!!

Anyway, I didn't want Autumn to miss out so I made a few heart shaped ones and I'll paint them and her name on them. This was so much fun!!! Who says you have to clean while the baby naps! ;) I would have had Nathan help me but my mom is watching him at her house today- but he will have so much fun painting them.

Here is all the shapes I made before I put them in the oven.
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