Curly Crafty Mom: Teacher's Lounge Story Time

Monday, January 12, 2009

Teacher's Lounge Story Time

Since I have been on maternity leave, I've been trying to find fun activities that are indoor to take my son to during the day. There is this really neat store by our house called the Teacher's Lounge and they have a story time with a craft each Monday morning. I have taken Nathan there the last two weeks. Its a store, too, so the catch is getting in and out without Nathan wanting every toy he sees on the shelf!! Today I did buy 4 sheets of stickers that I plan to use to help with his potty training.

Every week there is a theme, like last week's was penquins and this week was snowmen. Today they read a couple of books about snowmen and then the lady got a big bag of cotton out and the kids made snowmen. Here are some pictures...

Nathan is listening to the story

Autumn asleep in the sling

Nathan is making three balls of snow with the cotton

Squirting out the glue

Putting snowballs on glue

Making snowman's face and putting arms/hat/buttons on him

Finished and hung up!
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