Curly Crafty Mom: That is some loooong hair

Saturday, January 24, 2009

That is some loooong hair

Today was the first time I spent an entire day alone with just Nathan and Autumn. Usually my mom is over here helping me, or Nathan is at her house, or Jeremi is here with us. I have always spent a few hours alone with them each day, but never 8+ hours! Wow, all I kind say is I am lucky I've had so much help in the past.

Lets see... Autumn had a blow out that went through two layers of clothing and onto me. Then Nathan decides to help himself to an almost empty cereal box and scatters crumbs alll over the living room carpet. I get my vaccum out and hold Autumn while I vacuum it up. Meanwhile, Nathan had thrown a toy onto the couch and it was lost somewhere in the couch cushions so he starts flinging the cushions alll over the room. Then, its lunch time so I get Nathan in his booster chair and then Autumn starts to cry so oh why not breastfeed her and make Nathan's lunch (nothing hot!) at the same time. (I didn't eat till Jeremi got home from work.) Then, I get Autumn asleep in her swing and Nathan starts yelling that he wants me to turn the lights back on and to wake his sissy. Somehow she slept long enough for me to change his diaper. Then, my friend Becky calls and asks to come over to visit with Nathan and Autumn..I said YES! What a crazy day! It is so much work with two but I love them both so much.

While she was over I noticed how long her hair is...usually she wears it up. I told her that I bet her hair was as long as my son is tall. I was right and have a picture as proof!! Too funny! Why can't my hair grow like that!!

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