Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's first day at Grandma and Pa's house AND pumping update

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Autumn's first day at Grandma and Pa's house AND pumping update

Today was Autumn's first day over at Grandma's house... My parents have been coming to my house to watch both kids since I have been back at work, but today was the first day we brought them both to Grandma and Pa's house. My parents will still come over to our house on Monday/Tuesday's, though! Jeremi is dropping both kids off on his way to work in the morning, since I go in before him. Then, I pick both of them up on my way home from work since I get off before he does. Let me just say, wow, it is a LOT of work to pack a bag for a baby! My breastmilk bottles, nipples (ALMOST forgot these!!!), bibs because she is drooling and blowing spit bubbles like crazy, her favorite blanket, three outfit changes and diapers. I made a list so I don't forget anything, because its a lot to remember and we cannot forget any of these items or it'd result in going back home to get them. I also put a sign by the door for Jeremi so he does not forget the bag AND to get the breastmilk out of the fridge. Whew!!

Then, just picking them up is exhausting. I get off work at 4pm and got home just a little before 5pm. When I get to my parents house (which is on the way home from work), I first feed Autumn, then I had my Dad get Nathan's coat/hat on... THEN, had to coax Nathan to the door. Got Autumn in her carseat. Put Nathan in car first, had Dad get the bag and then got Autumn in the car. She cried the entiiiire way home so I took the highway instead of back roads. Once I was home I put the milk I had pumped in the fridge and fed her and she took a half hour nap. She was a tired baby girl!!!

Ok, now, good news... I am pumping enough milk!! Autumn wakes up one time at night, and its usually 3 or 3:30 am. I pump on one side and feed her on the other side. I get 5+ oz. on just one side at this hour!!! I am pumping 3 oz exactly ALL three times I pump at work. So, I am taking the extra bottle I pump at night and putting a little in each of the bottles that I pump at work. So, I have four 4 oz (or a little less) bottles for Autumn to drink each day. She gets a bottle every 2 hours, so at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm. So, I am pumping 4 times a day but, it is so worth it so I can feed my baby girl entirely on breastmilk. This is such a relief to me that I am pumping enough milk now.
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