Curly Crafty Mom: Back at work

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Back at work

Today was my first day back at work, and it was just a really emotional day for me... First off, Autumn did not sleep well last night and woke up at 10:30pm, 11:30pm then at 12:30 I let her sleep on me in bed. I needed my sleep! Then at 1:30am Nathan woke up and wet his bed. Jeremi changed his sheets/PJs and got him back to bed. Then, at 4:30am Jeremi left for work and I laid in bed for the next half hour holding Autumn and tearing up. Finally at 5am I got in the shower and got ready. My parents were over at 6:30am and I had bathed and dressed Autumn (she had a big blow out and spitup) and was feeding her. It was sooo hard to hand her over to my mom this morning. I felt so guilty leaving her but I got in the car and drove away... and, of course I cried the entire way to work. Once at work I calmed down and did not cry again. It was just something about being in the building that made me stop. Noone else was at work when I got there but my desk was decorated and I had a small 19" monitor! Later it was explained to me that another coworkers power pack went out on hers so she took mine and they have a new one on order for me. This same coworker (Carol) brought in a strawberry dessert treat for me with HUGE strawberries on it. That was sweet of her... Then we all went down to the cafeteria and they filled me in on a lot of gossip.

I went down to pump and noticed the bathroom by HR is now JUST for pumping Momma's! YAY! This is great because when I pumped the entire first year with Nathan, it was available for anyone to use and I'd have to stand outside and wait for people to finish. Its a single stall and they have a table AND a fridge is in there now, too, which is great, I don't need to lug my milk upstairs! HOWEVER, one bad thing is now they lock the bathroom and when I went down to pump at 3pm, the lady guard at the front desk was gone and I had to ask a male guard for the key to the lactation room!!!!!! I was SO EMBARASSED! So, I will def. be pumping for the last time BEFORE 3pm when she leaves!

I am a little nervous about the amount I pumped... 4 oz EACH of the 3 times I pumped. I got 3 oz from one side and 1 oz from the other side. WHY am I getting so much from one breast and so little from the other? I am wondering if I feed Autumn more on my left so my right hand is free or I always feed her on my left first so maybe that is why? Anyway, when I pumped with Nathan I always got 6 oz total each time I pumped- a full bottle. So, either Miss Autumn eats less or I will need to keep pumping my left breast while feeding her on my right breast when she wakes around 3-4am or so at night to get some extra milk so she has full bottles. If I pump my left breast at that time in the morning I get 5 oz! Its when my milk is at its highest. Sigh... Any advice?

Jeremi got me flowers from PROFLOWERS at work today! It was the first time I've ever gotten flowers in a box! lol! They were SOOO pretty, I will try to take a picture tomorrow since I plan to take them home this weekend. I got 2 dozen and they are whites, pinks and reds- all roses and a little bit of babies breath. I also got a small teddy bear, small balloon and a box of chocolates. The chocolates are good, too, there is a little card that says what each one is...

Then, my work ordered BBQ at Paddy's BBQ and I got a turkey breast with baked potato platter. It was really good and it was so sweet of them to buy me lunch. They brought it in and we ate in the conference room.

It was such a busy day, I had 250 emails in my Inbox, 6 voicemails, had to pump 3 times, lunch, flowers and then I got 3 projects. When I got home Autumn was asleep in Daddy's arms. I was sooo happy to see her after 9.5 hours apart!!! Nathan got a bag of gifts from my mom today to make the transition smoother for him since Grandma will be spending more time with Autumn.

So, I hope tomorrow is easier and I don't tear up as much... I am glad tomorrow is Friday already. Here is a picture of me this morning before I handed Autumn off to my mom. And, yes, I know, I have serious roots! I am getting my hair done Saturday, which will be another hour and a half away from Autumn but its been since November so I need a trim and highights!!

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