Curly Crafty Mom: Butterfly House

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Butterfly House

In Chesterfield (just outside St. Louis) there is a butterfly house in Faust Park. Faust Park also has a carousel and brand new playground located within walking distance from the butterfly house. It was BEAUTIFUL today- a warm 64 degrees! I haven't been to the butterfly house since it was first built. It is SO much more fun to go there once you have kids! Well, Autumn slept in the New Native sling the entire time, but Nathan had a BLAST!

I wish I had gotten a picture of the butterfly house itself, it is a large glass building.. beautiful! They had some sculptures of a catapillar and butterfly outside so of course I took some pictures!

I took this picture of Nathan on the catapillar's bum, not realizing it was the back side and not the front! lol! Oops!

Nathan standing by the BIG butterfly

Daddy showing Nathan all the NASTY bugs that they had inside glass aquariums

These are MASSIVE cochroaches!! YUCK YUCK YUCK! Tons of them!!!!!!!! I am going to have nightmares tonight.

Here is a family picture of us inside the butterfly house. It was soooo hot and humid in there. I did not stay in there long because Autumn was sleeping in the sling and she started beading up with sweat! I was hot too, I was wearing her and a sweater! Whew!

Baby Autumn, just sleeping life away...she slept the ENTIRE time we were there..from the butterfly house, to the carousel, to the playground....gotta love that sling!

Here is the carousel... it was really big! I rode on it with Autumn but Nathan was terrified of it so he refused to go on! Can you believe that? Infact, the entire time I was on it, everytime we'd go past Nathan, he was knawing on his finger out of nervousness from it! lol!!! Oh well, maybe next time...

Nathan LOVED the playground. They had a large area for 2-5 year olds with mini slides (4 of them), a smaller wall to climb, etc. It was perfect for him and great for us because we didn't need to watch his every move.

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