Curly Crafty Mom: I love Trader Joe's!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I love Trader Joe's!

My mom had been making me breakfast and lunch everyday while I was on maternity leave (Yes, I am forever grateful and spoiled!)... so, now that I am back at work, I needed to get some groceries for my lunches. My work has a cafeteria, but I rarely eat the food in it because I can eat a lot cheaper if I bring my lunch. I really like Trader Joe's because a lot of their meals/foods are healthy and organic, plus they are so affordable! They have a lot of original and new products, too! Every time you are in the store they also have a sample area with hot samples of their food products.

Here are some things I get there quite often... feel free to share what you love to buy at Trader Joe's!

Cherry tomatoes- huge container full and super cheap
Lite Cheddar Cheese Sticks
Four Cheese Ravioli
Orange Juice - $1.99
Yogurts - my fave are the vanilla and the honey ones
Their cereals- most are $1.99 and so good
Microwave instant rice in one minute
Boxed soups- Low Sodium Tomato, Sweet Potato, etc.
Frozen French Onion soup with cheese and croutons
Frozen mac and cheese - the of the cheeses is gouda-my favorite cheese
Frozen pizza
Fruit sticks
Frozen Chocolate Dipped Bananas
Frozen cookie dough
They also have a wine called chuck buck or something like that..everyone raves over it. I have never tried it since I've either been pregnant or nursing for the last 3.5 years..
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