Curly Crafty Mom: Last night my Grandpa passed away :(

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Last night my Grandpa passed away :(

Last night at 12:30 my Grandpa passed away in the nursing home. He has been dying for the last week, so it wasn't a total surprise, yet, he was doing okay until he caught a virus (or at least we assume that is what brought him down). My mom found out at 7 this morning and she called me at Noon after I got back in from running to Target and BabiesRUs with Nathan and Autumn. My Grandpa turned 101 this week and the last time I saw him was at his 100th birthday party. He loved seeing Nathan last year at his birthday party, but shortly after that, I got pregnant and then had Autumn and never made it to see him again. I feel bad about that :( I am looking at flowers online right now for my family and for my brother to send to the funeral home and I have no idea what to order as I've never ordered Sympathy flowers before. This was my mom's dad so of course I will be taking a couple of days off work so we can both attend the wake/funeral. I feel so bad for Grandpa, even though he was 101 he was not ready to die and it saddens me that we have no control over such things in this world. Hopefully he is in a better place and more comfortable and happy. I have pictures of Nathan with him at his 100th birthday party from last year that I will post later.
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