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Friday, February 27, 2009

Moms Lunch Out

Today I went out to lunch at a small italian restaurant called Ricardo's near my work with the other ladies that are either pumping or that just had babies recently.

There was five of us in all:

Me, I'm a pumper

Karen - she has a 5 mo. old boy and is pumping

Camille - she has a 7 mo. old girl and a boy that was born the same year/month as Nathan. She's a pumper..

Kerry - she has a boy and just stopped pumping... Karen is her boss. The funny thing is that Kerry used to work in HR and was the one that did my initial interview and hired me!!

Kelley - she just returned to work this week and she is in the same department as me. She has 3 girls. She isn't pumping but does nurse before and after work.

Anyway, we had a fun time chit-chatting at lunch and I hope we do it again. Camille and I seem to have a lot in common since we are both potty training our boys with no luck, we both love our slings (the others hate them) and we both got the eggplant parmesan with salad lunch special which was realllly good. Karen is really cool, too, and she always leaves magazines in the lactation room to share with us. One of her magazines is missing and we were joking that the cleaning lady took it! The cleaning lady is a major boetch as Karen was pumping one day and she was knocking and jiggling the door even after Karen said she was in there and this was while she was all out there and trying to pump. We have to get a key from the front desk to get in the lactation room and the cleaning lady always forgets to return it. I guess we get in the way of her cleaning the room. Anyway, Karen's Southern Living is missing and we are on the look out. lol.

Talking about lunch, next week me and some of my coworkers in my department want to hit Crown Candy. Its an old time soda fountain that has been around since before I was born (its actually 100 years old, seriously!). They are known for their malts/shakes and BLT's! Anyway, they make a lot of candy and chocolates and before Easter they make chocolate MONKEYS instead of the traditional bunny! I am dying to get Nathan a chocolate monkey for his Easter basket this year as he will love, their chocolate is the best!!! Anyway, the place is on the Travel Channel Foodwire tonight at 9pm, because if you can drink 5 of their malts you get them free! He's also visiting Pappy's BBQ which is where my work catered in food the first day I came back after maternity leave. Too cool! Anyway, if you are ever in St. Louis, check the place out. They always have a line out the door. I'll try to take pics to post on my blog next week.
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