Curly Crafty Mom: My last Friday off for awhile

Friday, February 6, 2009

My last Friday off for awhile

Well, I return to work on THURSDAY of next week! So, is was my last Friday off for awhile. I didn't do much today, except clean house. We have 29 people coming over Sunday for Autumn's baptism party. I can't believe everyone except 2 people said yes to the RSVP's!!

Autumn has really taken a liking to her hand. She'd suck it off her arm if she could.

Nathan doesn't take naps anymore but lately he's been falling asleep in the car when I pick him up from my mom's. Here he is fast asleep on the couch...

I went to BabiesRUs today and scored on some awesome deals. This coat in 12 mo. for $10.50,, reg. $29.99 and these size 5 shoes for $6.50 reg. $12.99. My mom gave me some money for the kids for Valentine's Day and this will be Autumn's gift.

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