Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's a CLIMBER!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nathan's a CLIMBER!

While Jeremi was getting my new tires put on at Sams, I got Autumn asleep on me after she was crying.. well Nathan started fussing for me to read him a book. I said which one and go get it. Well he sure did go get it. He climbed on top of his desk with the hutch, stood up on the desk, got the water hole book and then fell off and hit his head.

I had no idea until he brought me the book and I knew that book was up on the hutch!!!! He also had a scrape/bruise on his head and said he hit it on his pixar cars tub. Ughhhhh. I went in there and sure enough there was a hole where he had pulled that book out. I could not figure out for the life of me how he got up there...turns out he stepped up on his big lego fire truck that was right by the desk..

omg i am so glad we bolted that desk/hutch to the wall. ALL the furniture in his room and in Autumn's is bolted to the wall. He could have knocked it over on himself if we hadn't done this... I NEVER thought he'd be a climber!!! He has just never done anything like this...

We found out he was using the fire truck because he tried to do it again infront of Jeremi. At first, we thought he had used the drawers as steps.

The scary thing, too, was that he was only gone a minute to get the book... so he did it fast too!!!
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