Curly Crafty Mom: Outing

Friday, February 20, 2009


I picked the kids up from my parents house today after work and decided to run to the mall to pick up Autumn's baptism pics from Olan Mills. I figured, they are already in the car, why not just go now... Well, I only had our single stroller, so I had two choices:

(A) Wear Autumn in the sling and put Nathan in the stroller

(B) Keep Autumn in the car seat and have Nathan hold my hand and walk next to me

Well, THANK GOODNESS I picked choice (A), because as soon as we walked into Macy's, I realized I had parked next to the kids clothing and they had a display of cars and trucks! Of course, they do this to torment parents!!! Nathan has radar for things like this, and of course the whooolllee way to Olan Mills, he kept asking for one of the firetrucks. I got the pictures, and I actually went out a different door just to avoid the dang display! Grrr! So, if I wouldn't have had him in the stroller, we would NEVER have made it to Olan Mills and it would have been a disaster- seriously- he wanted his hands all over those toys on that display! SO, this Mom of two is learning!!!! Autumn did fanastic in the sling, she slept the entire time.
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