Curly Crafty Mom: Swagbucks

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am sooo addicted to this site called You can earn free giftcards to Amazon, Starbucks, etc. just by using it as your search browser (instead of Google). All you do is search for things like you normally do, but every so often your search will earn you a Swagbuck (or 2 or 3!!!). It is sooo addictive... I just joined three days ago and I already have 16 Swagbucks. You only need 45 swagbucks to get the $5 Amazon giftcard which is emailed to you the same day!

Also, if you get people to sign up under you, you earn points for their searches, too!!

So, here is a pity call... here is my referral link, plllease sign up under me

Carrie's Swagbuck Referral Page

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