Curly Crafty Mom: Three Bread Bears Highlights Activity

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Three Bread Bears Highlights Activity

My mom ordered the magazine Highlights for Nathan and she saw a cute recipe for making three bread bears. Today she brought over a ball of bread dough and worked with Nathan on making the bears.

Nathan is checking the dough out.

Bear pieces

Three dough bears with eyes. We had to let the dough rise

Nathan loved seeing the big bears after the dough had risen

All done!!!! Nathan just loves these three bread bears

Then... Grandma cut one of the bears in half for my Dad and for me to eat. Nathan got so sad and had tears down his face because Grandpa Ted and Mommy had eaten one of his bears!!!! So, Grandma made him another bear out of the ends of the homemade bread I had made yesterday. Nathan was sooo happy to have three bread bears once again. So, poor Grandma still has not gotten to taste one of these bears. Kids!!
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