Curly Crafty Mom: Valentine's Day at Old Navy

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day at Old Navy

Before I started back at work, I had stopped in at Old Navy to pick up some of their free Valentine cards. If you bring in the colored cards, you get a $5 in store coupon to use on Valentine's Day. Since Nathan is big on coloring now, I had him color one for himself and one for his sissy. Of course, Momma told him it said 'I love Hotwheels' on the card and not 'I love Old Navy'. That, of course, got him excited.

At the store they were having a baby sale so their jeans that are regular $17.40 were marked to $10. So after the coupon I got Nathan a pair of 3T jeans for next year for $5! And, for some weird reason they had no jean shorts for girls so I got Autumn a pair of khaki shorts in 6-12 mo. for $3 after her $5 coupon. Yeahhh!

Here are the cards that Nathan colored:

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