Curly Crafty Mom: BBC Easter Exchange

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

BBC Easter Exchange

I haven't done a gift exchange in quite some time, so I signed up for the Babycenter Bargain Hunters Easter gift exchange. Its a bit of a challenge because you spend $10 and that is IT! I got a mom with THREE kids! Yikes! So that is $3.33 per child!! Luckily, we get a list of things that the children are into so that helps when it is time to shop.

I wanted to share with everyone what I bought for them... and, when I get Nathan and Autumn's gifts in the mail, I'll take pictures and post them.

Karina's Gift (7 years old):
Karina likes Hannah Montana, High School Musical & Tinkerbell (favorite treats are mint flavored gum & chocolate & peeps) She also likes makeup and jewelry (her ears aren't pierced though)

I got Karina a metal Hannah Montana pail, Hannah Montana reflective button, Hannah Montana ink pen, lip gloss and peeps.

Crystal's Gift (4.5 years old)
Crystal likes Camp Rock, High School Musical & Ariel (favorite treats are mint flavored gum, Little Debbie Nutty Bars & Peeps) She also likes makeup and jewelry. (her ears aren't pierced though).

Crystal is getting a Disney princess makeup and jewelry kit and peeps.

Cayden's Gift (20 months old)
Cayden likes Thomas the train & Cars - He also like balls and bubbles. (His favorite treats are dum dum suckers, tootsie rolls & fruit roll ups.)

Cayden is getting a bubble kit, large blow pop, Cars stickers and Cars notebook.
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