Curly Crafty Mom: BUGS!!!!!! and Stinky Cheese Puppet Show

Saturday, March 14, 2009

BUGS!!!!!! and Stinky Cheese Puppet Show

It was a nice sunny day here in St. Louis and Nathan found a lady bug colony in the mulch under our Tulip tree. There were hundreds of them!!! So of course we had to get his bug house out and he plucked some off the ground and put them in their new home (well, until I sneak them back outside again.. I thought about feeding them to his venus fly trap but just couldn't-- ew!! Poor plant is going outside once it warms up!!!!!!)

Nathan even picked some early emerging crocous flowers from Mommy's garden to put in with the lady bugs.

Then, we went to the library for a really cool and professional puppet show. It was called the Stinky Cheese puppet show. Its based off a book that sort of derails fairy tales on how we think we remember them. Example: the ugly duckling grows up to be an ugly duckling..etc. I really want to order the book on Amazon now. Here are some pictures...

It was cute, they did several fairy tails such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Chicken Little, etc. Then, Stinky Cheese came out and it was funny because they sad the fish came out of the water, the rocks came out of the water... and the water came out of the water.. all because of Stinky Cheese! they had fish, rocks and even fabric for the water and Nathan LOVED this part. They even had this HUGE blow up monster at the end.

Autumn was a good girl and slept in the sling the entire time.

Then, after the puppet show we got to meet the two puppeteers and got to see what their setup looked behind the curtain. I couldn't believe it was just the two of them doing the entire show! It was really interesting!
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