Curly Crafty Mom: Carnival Cruises House Party

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Carnival Cruises House Party

YAYYYY! I won a House Party and it is the Carnival Cruises House Party. is a website where you register for different parties for different products and they select certain people out of thousands of people that register. I looked and only NINE other people were chosen in St. Louis to do the Carnival party! Wow! I was lucky!

This is the second House Party that I have won, the last one was Lipstick Jungle (a tv show)/Orville popcorn and Maybelline makeup-- and I got TONS of free makeup and popcorn! It was great! I can't wait to find out what they are mailing me for the Carnival party. I DOUBT it'll be a free cruise! lol!

I also attended a Fisher Price House Party that my friend Becca had and got a free toy as a take home gift. I am just lovin' this website! My friend Katie has had two House Parties, one was XBox and the other one she won was the Velvetta Cheese party! She has some freebies to give me from the Velvetta party next time I see her-- like bags and clips.

Anyway, the date is on March 29th, on my 6 year anniversary! So, we may have a 'small' party. I want to do a CHOCOLATE BUFFET theme. Yummy! We have been on two cruises in the past (before the kids!), so I am excited about this... plus, I love freebies!

This is the description...

Welcome to Carnival Sunday Fun Day!
Now that you’re the Fun Director, on March 29th you’ll recreate the fun of a Carnival cruise for your friends and family with party decorations, the karaoke DVD, fun-filled cruise games, food and drinks from cruise-inspired recipes, and gifts for your guests to take home. So let's get started.
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