Curly Crafty Mom: Children's Garden Club in St. Louis

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Children's Garden Club in St. Louis

Today I took Nathan to the Children's Garden Club for the first time. It meets once a month at different nursery's in St. Louis and has a different topic each month. It is open for children ages 2-12 years old. I haven't had a chance to take Nathan until now. The kids always do a craft or take something home for free. This month's topic was Carnivorous Plants. We learned about these plants, how to care for them and Nathan even got his own Venus Fly Trap plant to take home!!!

We signed in and they had free donuts and juices/waters for the kids and parents.

They had part of the nursery (Sherwood's Forest) set up with tables/chairs. We got there early so there really wasn't anyone there yet.

Here are alllll of the carnivorous plants that they gave away to the kids.

Closeup of them

Nathan got a Venus Fly Trap!! He is checking it out.

We got to touch the little hairs in the mouths two times and the mouths closed! To keep them alive at home we need to give it a small piece of hamburger each week for protein...or a bug!! eww!!! It can stay in the container that they gave us for a year, then we are supposed to move it to a large pickel jar.

Little Bits enjoying the fresh air... it is so nice out today!

My mom did a little shopping afterwards and Nathan held the basket for her. What a big helper he is!!!

My mom bought Nathan a wheel barrow!! Spoiled boy! And guess whose house it landed up at... lol!
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