Curly Crafty Mom: Footsies and Milk Storage

Monday, March 9, 2009

Footsies and Milk Storage

Autumn loves to bring her knees in against her chest and today I helped her grab onto some 'goodies' (her footsies!!!). She held onto them for quite some time before letting go. Oh, and yeah- that's her swaddle blanket under her. She is just not ready to give up swaddling yet.

I pump on one side to get an extra 4th bottle every morning at 4am when Autumn wakes for her premorning snack. I have been freezing this milk flat so that I can store the bags in a shoe box in my freezer. It saves so much space rather then freezing them upright. I thought I'd share this since I saw this idea posted by someone on BBC and stole her idea. I love having a backup stash incase I were to get sick and need antibiotics or if my supply ever tapers a bit, I will have my backup supply.
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