Curly Crafty Mom: Grandpa's Visitation

Monday, March 2, 2009

Grandpa's Visitation

Well, I decided to take two full days off of work for Grandpa's visitation and funeral. I was going to work a half day today but I decided against it so my Mom wouldn't need to watch the kids and also so I had time to get us all ready and out the door. It was sad to see Grandpa today at the wake and I will just leave it at that :( I got to see a lot of my family from Illinois that I don't see often, including my cousin Becky's 10 mo. old son Jacob! Autumn was not in her best behavior and literally SCREAMED at the TOP of her LUNGS several times while I tried to comfort her for several minutes on several occassions! UGHHHhhhHHhh! It was stressful and it was a small funeral home so I felt like she was on the spotlight even though I went in another room. I finally decided to nurse her in the bathroom and thank goodness there was a couch in there. I think she was stressed because of all the strange people (to her) wanting to hold her and that would get in her face. Also, just the smell (you know, the funeral home smell) and all the new sights and sounds. We were there 6.5 hours and she did sleep some of the time (thank goodness!) but oh well!!! I hope she does better tomorrow...she is never the screamer type so it really caught me off guard!!! Poor girl! Tomorrow I am bringing the sling just incase! Also, the florist forgot to put the Grandfather ribbon on our flowers :( I also upgraded the bouquet but it didn't look much bigger then the picture online.. but, they were still beautiful!!

Here are some pics...

Nathan saw Daddy putting a tie on and so of course, he wanted a tie, too!!

Here we all are at the funeral home

LOL! Brotherly and sisterly love!
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