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Monday, March 16, 2009

Peke Moe

Two weekends ago I did not swaddle Autumn and she did not sleep as good as she does when being swaddled. She usually goes to sleep at 7:30-8pm and wakes up sometimes for a nightcap at 9:30pm (this seems to be less and less) and most nights she wakes at 3-4amish. Well, since she is rolling over now I think she really needs to lose the swaddle even though she LOVES blankets and just loves the feel of being swaddled at night.

Soooo.... I did some research online and found a gown that covers the baby more then a sleep sac- it covers their arms/hands and legs/feet. Its made in New Zealand and it looks like something Autumn would love BUT it won't give her that tight womb feeling. So, should I buy it and try it or should I just take her swaddle blanket away and be sleep deprived for 1-2 weeks until she adjusts? I just can't decide... The peke moe is $38, which I would hate to pay for something if it doesn't work the first night. Have any of you heard of these and what do you think? Would you buy it? Helllp me decide. Here is the site and some pictures:

Peke Moe site

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