Curly Crafty Mom: April 2009

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grandma, Rest in Peace

Today was my Grandma Heaton's funeral. I think I have had my share of funerals for this year and I hope this is it for awhile. It is sad and I really think I have had enough changes for this year as I know they say change is good, but, change is also exhausting! Of the many changes I have had a new baby and adjusting to having two children and trying to share my time with both, going back to work after being off for 12 weeks to a new boss, my Grandpa Stricker passing, my brother getting eloped and finding out that day that they had gotten married, my husband eye surgery that is scheduled soon and my Grandma Heaton passing. Oh, and I guess we can add potty training and my son will probably start school this year. SO many changes. I am not saying that all of these changes are bad, some of them are good- especially seeing my children develop and grow and sharing that with my husband. But, I must say, I hope it slows down for a while because I am all 'changed' out. :) Its a lot... but, I guess I can say there is never a dull moment around here.

My Grandma's funeral went well and it has been awhile since I have been in a Catholic church but I find a lot of the customs interesting. I am Lutheran so there are similarities but a lot is different such as the Lord's Prayer is shorter in the Catholic faith and in the Lutheran faith we have several small cups for our communion versus the one cup the Catholics share, etc., etc. The speeches that my cousin Steve and my Uncle Bill gave at the funeral were both touching. Its amazing how two different funerals (my Grandpa's and my Grandma's) are so unique and personalized.

I wanted to share a piece of artwork that my cousin Steve made of Grandma when he was a child. They had it up on an easel at the funeral and it is exactly how I felt about Grandma as a child, too. It was very touching to me... I wrote out what it says below as you can't read the words in the photo.

Grandma Heaton is 5'2" tall.

She has curly hair and has a soft voice.

I like to spend the night at her house.

When I stay there she plays a lot of games with me.

Grandma Heaton has a big backyard that I like to play in when I go there.

She likes to do what I like to do.

Grandma Heaton is very nice to me and I love her a lot.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nathan's 2nd Cousin and Nathan's Grass

Today I went to my Grandma's wake and I saw a lot of my relatives that I haven't seen in quite some time! It was the first time that some of them had met Autumn. Nathan and Autumn did great for the long evening and once again my New Native sling was a life saver as Autumn slept in it after I fed her. If anyone has any suggestions on a front wearing back pack type baby carrier I would love to hear what has worked for you because I am afraid she is getting too long for the New Native sling and may outgrow it soon. I don't care for wearing her on the hip in it nor does she care for it.

My Grandma had a lot of beautiful flowers and a lot of family, neighbors, friends, etc. were there to see her. I loved looking at the photo collages and my cousin Steve had a cute artwork piece he had created as a child for Grandma that said she was 5'2", soft spoken with curly hair. I should take a photo of it tomorrow if I can remember. They had the priest there to do a prayer for my Grandma and my cousin Steve carried in Grandma's dog Coco in to see her. I thought that was very touching and he had done so much for Grandma while she was still alive.

I took a picture of Nathan with his 2nd cousin Will. I believe Will is 5 (or 4?) and he is the youngest in the family after Nathan and Autumn. I love how they both have a cheesey, fake smile for me. Haha! Boys! Nathan was really watching Will and kept commenting on how Will did things-- like how Will could get a cup off the counter and then fill it with water by himself. Then Nathan would say, "I want to do that!" I can just imagine what Nathan will all learn when he goes to preschool!

I also wanted to share Nathan's grass. It is growing and growing and growing. I gave Nathan his first pair of kiddie scissors in his Easter basket and I may have him 'practice' cutting with them by giving this grass a haircut soon. We'll see how long it gets first. Nathan is so excited about his grass.

Here is the grass today.

Here is the grass last week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last Time I Saw Grandma Hea Hea

The last time I saw my Grandma Hea Hea was the first time Autumn saw her Great Grandma Hea Hea. Unreal, isn't it? My Uncle and Aunt brought Grandma to Autumn's baptism party and we got this picture of my Grandma with her. Who would have thought 2 months later she would have passed? :( She gave Autumn a knitted blanket for a gift for the baptism and I plan to take it out of the drawer and to use it more often. I wish I had gone to see her more before she passed... I am glad she lived to be 93 as I have a lot of wonderful memories of her whereas her husband (my Grandpa Hea Hea) passed when I was in gradeschool and I vaguely remember him. I will miss you Grandma and hope to see you again someday in heaven! I'll never forget we shared the awesome curls in the family!

Here is Grandma at the party after Autumn's baptism

Here I am hugging my Grandma (you can just see the back of her) at my wedding. Aww! This picture was taken 6 years ago.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Remembering Nathan's 2nd Birthday

Nathan's 3rd birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to look back at last year's birthday when he turned 2. I can't believe how fast the last year has gone by and I wish I had been blogging since his birth so I could remember all the fine details.

Before you start to look at these pictures, just be fore-warned... I go crazy over planning parties... I love it... and, I am all about the details! :) This party had a Hot Wheels theme.

This is a week before Nathan's 2nd birthday. I decided to make bubble gum and candy bar CARS for favors for all of the twenty-something guests. Nathan loved them!

The favors that I made for all of the kids that came to his party.

13 weeks pregnant while planning this party! Nathan was in swim class at the time and here I am in my maternity swim suit. Unfortuantly, my belly won't look as cute as it did last year in my swimsuit. Sigh..

Our kitchen table before the guests arrived. I used a green plastic table cloth for 'grass' and then made a street for the bubble gum/candy bar cars with black and yellow posterboard. I also set the favors on the kitchen table.

Food table. I had dollar sandwiches catered in from Kenrick's with three different meats and cheeses. Then I made a veggie tray, fruit tray, pasta salad and a sherbert punch. Oh, and chips with my homemade ranch dip. Again, cars are driving down the table! lol!

Eating lunch

I also baked and decorated Nathan's hot wheel race track cake. I am not the best baker and would LOVE to take cake baking and decorating classes someday but wow... I was up till midnight baking this darn cake the night before his party because of a cake pan disaster. I had to go out and buy a new cake box because when I took the first cakes out of the metal pans (and I swear I greased them), the cake stuck and a huge hole was in 2 of the cakes because part of the cake stuck to the pan! GRRR! So I had to go to the store to get a new cake box mix and rebake!! I was so tired too because I was in my first trimester. I swore that night I'd never ever, ever make my son's cake again. So, of course... this year I am making his a cake, but it'll be a cupcake train cake. I know, I am so bad.

Trying to blow the candle out. This year, he will be great at blowing the candle out!

Enjoying his cake.

More cars going down the coffee table in our family room.

The best picture I could get of Nathan on his birthday. Sigh. :o)

Lots of gifts

Opening gifts

Then, as if his birthday party wasn't enough for the day, we went to Chucky Cheese with my Mother-in-Law, her friend and my Niece for dinner as they were in town from Kansas and staying with us.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grandma HeaHea Passed Away Today and Nathan's Grass

I am officially Grandparentless (unless you count Jeremi's grandparents) as my Grandma HeaHea passed away today. It was a bit of a shock to me as she has been in the nursing home for quite some time and her mind wasn't so good and she was weak. But, she stopped eating and her body just started to shut down so today she passed away at the age of 93. I cannot believe that both my Grandpa (Mom's Dad) and Grandma (Dad's Mom) passed within a month of each other. Most of my memories of Grandma are from when I was a child because I would go over to her house a lot and play with my cousins. I did not spend much time with her after high school and she invited me over but I never stopped by but saw her on holidays. So, I feel bad about that..

My brother came over with his WIFE as him and Tracy got eloped in Las Vegas before Easter. So, we got to see their rings and congratulate them today.

Then, as we were finishing up dinner and getting the kids ready for bed, the power went off! It was off for a couple of hours and all of the neighbors were outside watching the AmerenUE guy as he tried to fix the transformer. Fun, fun...

Remember the blog post I wrote about Nathan's pajama party? Well, he planted some grass seeds in dirt and the grass has surfaced! He is so excited about his GRASS so I decided to take a picture of it to share with all of you. It is growing so fast!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sand and Water Table Fun

Autumn takes a lengthy nap in the morning and today I got her to fall asleep in the swing after feeding her rice cereal. Since we keep the swing in the kitchen, I could check on her by looking in through the patio door or kitchen window. I needed to trim my rosebushes by the kitchen window (dead branches and branches trying to overlap with the other rose bush next to it) and it was a beautiful day outside. So, I decided that while she napped, I'd let Nathan play with his sand/water table for the first time this Spring and I'd prune my roses! Jeremi was out running errands (bank, post office and getting us some bbq for lunch from some boyscouts!).

I sort of OOPS'ed in that I put the sand table on our deck and not out in the grass. Nathan was sploshing wet sand and water all around and it got on our patio door screen, the door itself, siding to the house and alllll over the deck floor. UGH!!!! Oh well, lesson learned... next time, put the sand table in the grass.

Vrrrmmmm... vrmmmmm. Nathan loves making car noises as he drives them in the sand. He told me, "Cars don't drive well in the sand." That's my smart boy!

Poor Doc Hudson has sunk.

I had some rubber snakes that I dumped into his sand table for him. He said, "Eww! Snakes!" and threw them out of the table. heheh.

Then he decided to drive EACH one of his Pixar cars (there is an entire tub of them) through the wet sand, then he rolled them off the sand table. What a mess... we still need to rinse all of the sand off of the cars before we can bring them in the house. I just don't want all the messy sand in my house, ya know?

Messy, messy... Sand everywhere. Then, see those cute Gargoyle flower pot holder things on the deck floor? He broke one! :( I was so sad because I love them! One of his cars rolled off and hit one and it broke. Darnit. Oh well.

Nathan got this sand and water table last year for his birthday. It is only a few weeks away from May 17th, so I thought it would be fun to pull up pictures of him playing with it last year this time. So, here are some pictures from almost 1 year ago from today...

Nathan has def. grown! He is enjoying the wheel here.

Lots of snakes in the sand last year, too!

Splashing water everywhere! This sand/water table has a castle that came with it and a moat with boat, and play figures. The castle is so flimsy that I just threw it away, it was a bunch of pieces and kept fallin apart. So, its strictly just sand with water poured over the sand now at Nathan's request. That's my messy and sweaty boy!

Nathan also got a bubble lawn mower last year for his birthday. I'll have to bring that back outside now that the weather is nice! I can't belive he'll be 3 next month!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Mother's Day Wish List

Jeremi asked me today what I wanted for Mother's Day. I have been wanting a Nelle and Lizzy ring, but..... its too late to order it in time for Mother's Day. I know this may sound crazy... I am going to ask for the rest of the Twilight books for Mother's Day instead! I am almost done with the first book to the series and OH WooooooW!! It is the best book I have read in a long time. I am usually not into vampire-ish books but it is a hard book to set down. I read when I pump at work so it has only taken me a month to finish it. So, now I am eager to read ALL the books! I also want to see the movie after I finish the first book.

Another Mother's Day wish is the 30 Days Shred DVD. Do any of you have it? I have heard it is actually a really TOUGH workout but it gets easier in time. It has GREAT reviews on Amazon! Also, I heard the workouts are only 30 minutes long, so it'd be easier for me to fit one in after I get Autumn to bed. I really want to tone up for the summer and plus I believe working out is a great energy booster and since I am in my 'thirties' I should start exercising again. I doubt I'll ever get rid of my muffie top (Thanks, Nathan, Thanks Autumn...), but darnit I want my firm belly back! I actually worked out 3-4x a week before I got too uncomfortable with Autumn. But, now she is sleeping through the night so workouts here I come!!!

So, we'll see if Jeremi reads this and gets my HINTS!! Heehee!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nathan's Kite and Fishies

I have a Car's kite in Nathan's closet that we have yet to put together for him, but he got a cheapo kite at the Moms Club Spring party. I put it together for him and he loved it. Its a smaller kite and perfect for him to play around with in the house.

I have been getting SO many freebies in the mail lately. I am a freebie-aholic. I am in two diapers studies right now and I missed a call today to get in yet another diaper study! I got a free tub of Pampers wipes in the mail today to do a trial on... AND, I joined the Goldfish Kids club and I got little fishies packets in the mail to sample. Nathan was so excited when he saw what was in the box.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Autumn and her Build a Bear friend

My mom loves to torture poor Miss Autumn by swapping her outfit with the Build a Bear's outfit. Poor Autumn! My mom did this with Nathan, too... I must admit, these pictures are cute!!

Autumn next to the bear we made for her with Nathan while I was pregnant.

I guess Grandma isn't torturing Autumn too much because she is smiling!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pumping Momma Lunch and Weird Shoe Incident

Today was a pretty hectic day at work... there is now FOUR people (including myself) that are pumping at work. We decided to go out to lunch together today and three other mom's came along, too! We went to 1111 Mississippi and had a blast! We all have had babies in the last 9 months and one of the mom's had a May 2006 toddler, too, so we had so much to talk about. The two new pumping moms are Laura and Anu. I found out Anu met her husband the day she married him (it was arranged), and that Laura pumped the entire first year AND made all the baby food for her first child and plans to do so again. Her daughter is at daycare at Christ Memorial which is neat because I used to go to church there as a child AND I used to work in the daycare there in high school from 2:30-5pm! Kerry and Karen are making all their baby food, too, so of course the pressure is on me now! And, Camille's daughter skipped over baby food and is 9 months and eating finger foods already (she is the one with the May 2006 toddler).

I decided to wear one of my new Spring shirts to lunch today and I wore some nice shoes with heals. Well, I did something ditzy today. You know those little bags of beads that they put in shoe boxes? I have no idea what they are for but it always says hazardous if swallowed? Well, it felt like something was crammed in the top of my shoe today but between going out for a 2 hour lunch and 3 half hour pumping sessions, a 1 hour meeting and working I did not have time to look in my shoe! lol! SO, I am driving home and it feels like I have little pebbles in my shoe. I am at a red light and I pull my shoe off and its all the little beads in one of those bags and they are let loose in my shoe! It took me a second to figure out what they were, but I did and was able to get them out of my shoe and put my shoe back on before the light turned green again. I guess now I need to vacuum my car out. Sigh. Anyway, silly me! Last week I put one diamond stud in my ear and one sapphire stud earring in the other ear- so what will I do next week? lol!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Moms Club Spring Party - It's Pajamma Time! Pajamma Jamma PJ!

The Mehlville Moms Club that I am in has a Spring party every year and I always take Nathan (and now Autumn, too!). The kids always get a goody bag, crafts, treats and they bring a live entertainer in. They also open the preschool playground but since it was cold and windy it wasn't open. My two neighbors Jami and Chris hosted the party this year and they had a lot of really neat crafts for the kids to do.

Ok, now get this... I talked to TWO other Moms there and one has a daughter named Autumn that was there (she was actually the nice lady that brought us dinner from the Moms Club after I had the baby)... Then, another mom there said her neighbor has a daughter named Autumn Raines. And here I thought I had the only Autumn! Guess not!

The first craft that Nathan got to work on was a pinwheel.

Then he made a bird feeder out of fruit loops.

They also got to plant seeds in a pot. This photo shows Nathan selecting some bugs to stick on his pot.

Autumn slept the entire time... I am still getting good use out of this New Native sling!

Then the kids got to watch a magic show... Nathan is chowing down on teddy graham's while he watches. They even had snow cones!

Can you tell Nathan cannot stay still? It is like, "Where's Waldo?" He kept getting up and changing his mind about where he wanted to sit to watch the show.

I'll try to remember to take pics of his goody bag contents later. In addition to the goody bag, he also got a kite! I was surprised he picked the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse kite over the Cars kite!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jumperoo and Popcorn Craft

We had a wonderful weekend even though it rained nonstop allllll weekend. I dressed Autumn in this adorable outfit that my friend Janna sent me. (Yes, it's Gymbo!) It has a little stuffed MeowMeow cat on the front that goes in the front pocket. The stuffed cat is attached by a string so she doesn't lose it. Autumn LOVES this outfit and kept playing with the little kitty all day long and mouthed it. Nathan wanted the kitty too but I had to explain to him that we couldn't remove it from her outfit.

I wanted to add that Jeremi took both kids to their doctor Friday morning and both needed prescriptions. Nathan had a cold and they found he had an ear infection (first one ever, can you believe it!!) and Autumn got a steroid cream for her rash. Autumn's rash vanished two days after using the prescription cream-- YAY! Her rash was really stressing me out and the poor girl wanted to scratch and I wouldn't let her. So, all is better here for now...

Autumn with her kitty outfit. Thanks, Janna!

Autumn has been taking long naps in the mornings (okay, watch me jinx myself for saying this) and she sits in her bouncy chair while I get showered and ready in the morning. She is so adorable when she is asleep.

While she was napping I brought Nathan's old jumperoo upstairs and dusted it off. I put her in it later that day and she LOVES it! She smiles, laughs and kicks (bounces) in it. Yay!

Hmmm. I think someone is worried that they are missing out on all the fun. heehee! He actually got in this all by himself AND the phonebook is on the floor because I need to figure out how to lower it down a bit for Autumn.

Since we haven't been able to go to the Teacher's Lounge for crafts, I thought I would do a fun Spring craft with Nathan on this rainy day. We need to take down the winter crafts and replace them with some fresh springtime ones! Today we made a Popcorn Blossom Tree.

Nathan's favorite part was squirting the glue on the paper plate.

I drew the tree and the marker was dried out so its not the best looking tree, but oh well, the fun part was adding the popcorn (flowers). Nathan did a good job with sticking the popcorn in the glue and then on the tree.

Nathan realized that sometimes blossoms fall off the tree from the wind, so he added some 'falling' blossoms as a final touch.

I am going to let this dry overnight before we hang it up. I think if we do this craft again next year, we'll get some brown paint and paint a tree on the pink construction paper. I can't wait to do another Spring craft.
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