Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's Easter craft

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Autumn's Easter craft

So, when I ordered Nathan's favors from Oriental Trading for his birthday party that is coming up, I also ordered super cheap Easter crafts for the kids. We did Nathan's craft which was the egg race track that I had blogged about last weekend.

I got a craft for Autumn, too, but she just watched Momma make it as she is only 4 months.

Bunny Smores

All the supplies... Autumn is really eyeing the Elmer's glue.

Ut-oh! She's got the glue! What is sad is we had NO new Elmer's glue and the bottled pictured was from when I was a kid! 10 years old- maybe older. I have NO idea why I had kept it. Anyway, the stuff did NOT work, it was watered down and just not sticky. Kinda stunk too, ok, too many details. Soooo, I pitched it and used a hot glue gun (it was nowhere near Autumn!).

Oh great... she just ripped up the directions. I sure hope this isn't complicated.

Getting a good start on the bun's head

Hmph! She's more interested in her phone then the craft. Girls these days!

At least she isn't eating the bunny. She will mouth on anything these days! And, not a tooth in sight yet! Hmm?

Silly boy!
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