Curly Crafty Mom: Grandma, Rest in Peace

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Grandma, Rest in Peace

Today was my Grandma Heaton's funeral. I think I have had my share of funerals for this year and I hope this is it for awhile. It is sad and I really think I have had enough changes for this year as I know they say change is good, but, change is also exhausting! Of the many changes I have had a new baby and adjusting to having two children and trying to share my time with both, going back to work after being off for 12 weeks to a new boss, my Grandpa Stricker passing, my brother getting eloped and finding out that day that they had gotten married, my husband eye surgery that is scheduled soon and my Grandma Heaton passing. Oh, and I guess we can add potty training and my son will probably start school this year. SO many changes. I am not saying that all of these changes are bad, some of them are good- especially seeing my children develop and grow and sharing that with my husband. But, I must say, I hope it slows down for a while because I am all 'changed' out. :) Its a lot... but, I guess I can say there is never a dull moment around here.

My Grandma's funeral went well and it has been awhile since I have been in a Catholic church but I find a lot of the customs interesting. I am Lutheran so there are similarities but a lot is different such as the Lord's Prayer is shorter in the Catholic faith and in the Lutheran faith we have several small cups for our communion versus the one cup the Catholics share, etc., etc. The speeches that my cousin Steve and my Uncle Bill gave at the funeral were both touching. Its amazing how two different funerals (my Grandpa's and my Grandma's) are so unique and personalized.

I wanted to share a piece of artwork that my cousin Steve made of Grandma when he was a child. They had it up on an easel at the funeral and it is exactly how I felt about Grandma as a child, too. It was very touching to me... I wrote out what it says below as you can't read the words in the photo.

Grandma Heaton is 5'2" tall.

She has curly hair and has a soft voice.

I like to spend the night at her house.

When I stay there she plays a lot of games with me.

Grandma Heaton has a big backyard that I like to play in when I go there.

She likes to do what I like to do.

Grandma Heaton is very nice to me and I love her a lot.
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