Curly Crafty Mom: He Has Risen Indeed! Happy Easter!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Has Risen Indeed! Happy Easter!

Today was a busy day chalked full of fun activities for the kids. We started the day by attending church with my mom. Both kids were great during the extra long service (and Miss Autumn was awake the entire time!!). After church we went downstairs and had breakfast that the youth group had put together. It was delicious! We had an egg casserole, pancakes, fresh fruit and dessert. Mmmm! Nathan and another boy there chased each other around while we ate.

Then, after church we went back home and Nathan found out that the Easter bunny had been to our house! Oh, wow!

Nathan hunting for some eggs

The Easter bunny left Hot Wheels in some of Nathan's eggs

And some small pillows of Mater, Lightning McQueen, Nemo, etc... (They were in my MiniWheats boxes! lol!)

Autumn enjoyed the egg hunt, too! She watched...

The best smile that Nathan would give me with him next to his basket...

What was the first thing he got out of his basket? The chocolate truck! Haha!

Autumn by her basket... No smile, though :(

Autumn trying to reach the eggs by her basket

Autumn trying to get into her basket... she was really tugging on the plastic wrap!

Then, we all took naps... We were tired from the morning activities! Then, after we woke up, off to Grandpa and Ma's for lunch and more egg hunting!

Nathan and Autumn infront of the big wooden bunny that my mom puts up infront of her house each year. That window behind it is the window to my childhood room- yep, I lived in this house my entire childhood!

Nathan had a lot of fun because Grandpa and Ma had their egg hunt outside since it was warmer by mid-day! Outdoor egg hunts are so much better then indoor ones!

Nathan with... TWO buckets full of eggs! Oh, my!

Nathan even found a WHOLE basket hidden for Autumn!

Momma and Baby Autumn!

Inside Nathan had to line up his goodies (Note: Some are Autumns!)

Grandma standing Autumn on her strong long legs!

Grandma bought Autumn an Easter dress AND a big pink pretty!

Then we had ONE more place to hit... Jeremi's Dad's house! WHEW! So, we had dinner there and the kids got baskets and Nathan did a small egg hunt with his cousin Elizabeth.
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