Curly Crafty Mom: Jumperoo and Popcorn Craft

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jumperoo and Popcorn Craft

We had a wonderful weekend even though it rained nonstop allllll weekend. I dressed Autumn in this adorable outfit that my friend Janna sent me. (Yes, it's Gymbo!) It has a little stuffed MeowMeow cat on the front that goes in the front pocket. The stuffed cat is attached by a string so she doesn't lose it. Autumn LOVES this outfit and kept playing with the little kitty all day long and mouthed it. Nathan wanted the kitty too but I had to explain to him that we couldn't remove it from her outfit.

I wanted to add that Jeremi took both kids to their doctor Friday morning and both needed prescriptions. Nathan had a cold and they found he had an ear infection (first one ever, can you believe it!!) and Autumn got a steroid cream for her rash. Autumn's rash vanished two days after using the prescription cream-- YAY! Her rash was really stressing me out and the poor girl wanted to scratch and I wouldn't let her. So, all is better here for now...

Autumn with her kitty outfit. Thanks, Janna!

Autumn has been taking long naps in the mornings (okay, watch me jinx myself for saying this) and she sits in her bouncy chair while I get showered and ready in the morning. She is so adorable when she is asleep.

While she was napping I brought Nathan's old jumperoo upstairs and dusted it off. I put her in it later that day and she LOVES it! She smiles, laughs and kicks (bounces) in it. Yay!

Hmmm. I think someone is worried that they are missing out on all the fun. heehee! He actually got in this all by himself AND the phonebook is on the floor because I need to figure out how to lower it down a bit for Autumn.

Since we haven't been able to go to the Teacher's Lounge for crafts, I thought I would do a fun Spring craft with Nathan on this rainy day. We need to take down the winter crafts and replace them with some fresh springtime ones! Today we made a Popcorn Blossom Tree.

Nathan's favorite part was squirting the glue on the paper plate.

I drew the tree and the marker was dried out so its not the best looking tree, but oh well, the fun part was adding the popcorn (flowers). Nathan did a good job with sticking the popcorn in the glue and then on the tree.

Nathan realized that sometimes blossoms fall off the tree from the wind, so he added some 'falling' blossoms as a final touch.

I am going to let this dry overnight before we hang it up. I think if we do this craft again next year, we'll get some brown paint and paint a tree on the pink construction paper. I can't wait to do another Spring craft.
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