Curly Crafty Mom: Last Time I Saw Grandma Hea Hea

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Last Time I Saw Grandma Hea Hea

The last time I saw my Grandma Hea Hea was the first time Autumn saw her Great Grandma Hea Hea. Unreal, isn't it? My Uncle and Aunt brought Grandma to Autumn's baptism party and we got this picture of my Grandma with her. Who would have thought 2 months later she would have passed? :( She gave Autumn a knitted blanket for a gift for the baptism and I plan to take it out of the drawer and to use it more often. I wish I had gone to see her more before she passed... I am glad she lived to be 93 as I have a lot of wonderful memories of her whereas her husband (my Grandpa Hea Hea) passed when I was in gradeschool and I vaguely remember him. I will miss you Grandma and hope to see you again someday in heaven! I'll never forget we shared the awesome curls in the family!

Here is Grandma at the party after Autumn's baptism

Here I am hugging my Grandma (you can just see the back of her) at my wedding. Aww! This picture was taken 6 years ago.
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