Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan and Autumn's Easter baskets

Friday, April 3, 2009

Nathan and Autumn's Easter baskets

I always have so much fun making up Nathan's Easter basket each year, but this year I had another basket to make up-- Autumn's! It is getting harder and harder to 'hide' these Easter baskets from Nathan, too! I am a bargain shopper so believe it or not, I got MOST of the items in their baskets super cheap (on sale or Target $1 spot) or free by using the Amazon giftcards I am earning on Swagbucks (I earn a $5 gift card EVERY 5 days!!! So easy!).

Every year I have gotten Nathan a stuffed Peep. This year I found a really cool one that chirps AND rolls (it has wheels) on EBay new with tags-- except its PINK! Oh well! So both kids are getting pink stuffed Peeps this Easter.

Here are both of the baskets:

Nathan's Basket

Autumn's Basket

Then here are the baskets wrapped... NOW, I need to work on the Easter eggs for the egg hunt.

Also, I wanted to share Nathan's Easter baskets from his first two Easters... Here is his basket from last year:

And this was his Easter basket on his first Easter. There is a cloth photo book in there and he loved it as a baby, I put a photo book for Autumn in her basket for her first Easter.
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