Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan and Autumn's Easter pictures

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nathan and Autumn's Easter pictures

Well, LAST Sunday we went and got the kids Easter pictures taken. We have used Sears in the past and have had GREAT results, but this time it did not go so well.

(1) We had an 11am appt. on Sunday, so we had to wait in the car for the doors to open to the mall. As I had my door open to get Autumn out (it was cold so I was trying to hurry) a lady in the car next to me opened her door next to my door to pull her 4 year old out. THEN, she told my husband he had parked too close to their car. He was in the lines!!! And, of course it was close since she was too impatient to wait for me to finish getting Autumn out before she opened her door on the same side!! We were both in too much shock to say anything. She then RAN and I mean RAN inside with her 3 kids. Lucky us, she was getting pictures done at Sears too. Ughhhhhhh! Just awkward!

(2) We get in our photo room and the photographer sits the kids down on the floor and is JUST about to take a picture when the phone rings. She excuses herself, answers the phone and starts helping people at the front desk... for 20 minutes!! Sigh!

(3) Autumn was great for pictures when Nathan held her at first but then would cry for me everytime I set her down. I am making a frame of photos for her for each month for the first year and the only photo of her by herself is not the best.

BUT!!!!!!! I did get a cute photo of the two together. Its adorable... so, it wasn't a complete waste of a trip. And, I only spent $29 so that was great too. Sometimes I walk out of those places spending $100-150 because I love all the photos. Not the case this time so I just did their $7.99 one pose deal (on the photo I loved of them together- I got 6 sheets) and then $20 on ONE sheet of wallets of the pose of just Autumn so I have a wallet for her frame.

I must say I did decide to use the headband with the bow that I bought from Kaycee's Prissy Miss Boutique and it was ADORABLE! We got so many compliments on the bow when we strolled her around the mall after the pictures.

So here they are...

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