Curly Crafty Mom: Pumping Momma Lunch and Weird Shoe Incident

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pumping Momma Lunch and Weird Shoe Incident

Today was a pretty hectic day at work... there is now FOUR people (including myself) that are pumping at work. We decided to go out to lunch together today and three other mom's came along, too! We went to 1111 Mississippi and had a blast! We all have had babies in the last 9 months and one of the mom's had a May 2006 toddler, too, so we had so much to talk about. The two new pumping moms are Laura and Anu. I found out Anu met her husband the day she married him (it was arranged), and that Laura pumped the entire first year AND made all the baby food for her first child and plans to do so again. Her daughter is at daycare at Christ Memorial which is neat because I used to go to church there as a child AND I used to work in the daycare there in high school from 2:30-5pm! Kerry and Karen are making all their baby food, too, so of course the pressure is on me now! And, Camille's daughter skipped over baby food and is 9 months and eating finger foods already (she is the one with the May 2006 toddler).

I decided to wear one of my new Spring shirts to lunch today and I wore some nice shoes with heals. Well, I did something ditzy today. You know those little bags of beads that they put in shoe boxes? I have no idea what they are for but it always says hazardous if swallowed? Well, it felt like something was crammed in the top of my shoe today but between going out for a 2 hour lunch and 3 half hour pumping sessions, a 1 hour meeting and working I did not have time to look in my shoe! lol! SO, I am driving home and it feels like I have little pebbles in my shoe. I am at a red light and I pull my shoe off and its all the little beads in one of those bags and they are let loose in my shoe! It took me a second to figure out what they were, but I did and was able to get them out of my shoe and put my shoe back on before the light turned green again. I guess now I need to vacuum my car out. Sigh. Anyway, silly me! Last week I put one diamond stud in my ear and one sapphire stud earring in the other ear- so what will I do next week? lol!
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