Curly Crafty Mom: Sand and Water Table Fun

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sand and Water Table Fun

Autumn takes a lengthy nap in the morning and today I got her to fall asleep in the swing after feeding her rice cereal. Since we keep the swing in the kitchen, I could check on her by looking in through the patio door or kitchen window. I needed to trim my rosebushes by the kitchen window (dead branches and branches trying to overlap with the other rose bush next to it) and it was a beautiful day outside. So, I decided that while she napped, I'd let Nathan play with his sand/water table for the first time this Spring and I'd prune my roses! Jeremi was out running errands (bank, post office and getting us some bbq for lunch from some boyscouts!).

I sort of OOPS'ed in that I put the sand table on our deck and not out in the grass. Nathan was sploshing wet sand and water all around and it got on our patio door screen, the door itself, siding to the house and alllll over the deck floor. UGH!!!! Oh well, lesson learned... next time, put the sand table in the grass.

Vrrrmmmm... vrmmmmm. Nathan loves making car noises as he drives them in the sand. He told me, "Cars don't drive well in the sand." That's my smart boy!

Poor Doc Hudson has sunk.

I had some rubber snakes that I dumped into his sand table for him. He said, "Eww! Snakes!" and threw them out of the table. heheh.

Then he decided to drive EACH one of his Pixar cars (there is an entire tub of them) through the wet sand, then he rolled them off the sand table. What a mess... we still need to rinse all of the sand off of the cars before we can bring them in the house. I just don't want all the messy sand in my house, ya know?

Messy, messy... Sand everywhere. Then, see those cute Gargoyle flower pot holder things on the deck floor? He broke one! :( I was so sad because I love them! One of his cars rolled off and hit one and it broke. Darnit. Oh well.

Nathan got this sand and water table last year for his birthday. It is only a few weeks away from May 17th, so I thought it would be fun to pull up pictures of him playing with it last year this time. So, here are some pictures from almost 1 year ago from today...

Nathan has def. grown! He is enjoying the wheel here.

Lots of snakes in the sand last year, too!

Splashing water everywhere! This sand/water table has a castle that came with it and a moat with boat, and play figures. The castle is so flimsy that I just threw it away, it was a bunch of pieces and kept fallin apart. So, its strictly just sand with water poured over the sand now at Nathan's request. That's my messy and sweaty boy!

Nathan also got a bubble lawn mower last year for his birthday. I'll have to bring that back outside now that the weather is nice! I can't belive he'll be 3 next month!
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