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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sensitive skin

Autumn has really sensitive skin and gets these red blotches on the side of her face, under her chin, her chest, arms, legs and belly. Believe it or not, her bum area is clear (must be the Destin!). Anyway, some days its clearer and other days its worse... I am just not sure what to do! She is really drooling these days so we are trying to keep her dry by changing her bibs often and encouraging her to keep the paci in her mouth. I was giving her daily baths because of all the drool and blow outs but now she's on Nathan's bath schedule which is Tues., Thurs., Sat. and Sun.! I read online that Dove or Cetaphil is good soap so I may purchase that over the Johnson and Johnson that I'm using. I've also been using regular detergent (Purex) but may start to launder her clothes in Dreft which is for sensitive skin. I've been putting Eucerin and even plain Vaseline on her. I think I'll give it another week and if she's still the same I may take her in to see the doctor. Its just been the last few weeks where its gotten a lot worse. Nathan never, ever had this... sigh... Any advice would be great!

Here are pictures of her from her bath tonight...

My baby girl enjoying her bath!

Autumn loves blankets, wash cloths, etc... Nathan never cared much nor was comforted by blankets like Autumn is!!

Here she is lifting her head in the tub. You can see her rash the best in this photo. Poor girl! :(
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