Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's 6 mo. Birthday and Cupcakery!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Autumn's 6 mo. Birthday and Cupcakery!

Today my baby girl is 6 months old! Tomorrow we are starting her on solids and her first food will be Sweet Potatoes. She also has her 'cowgirl' 6 month photos scheduled for tomorrow. And, if that is not enough, my brother's and new SIL's dinner reception is tomorrow evening so it will be a busy day for Miss Autumn (or Audie as Grandma likes to call her).

Autumn is so aware of what is going on around her these days. She still loves the comfort of a blanket and is still swaddled at night. Her hair is turning from brown to an auburn color which I find very exciting. We have finally realized she will have brown eyes instead of hazel. Autumn loves to be propped up on her legs and she is trying very hard to master sitting. She loves toys such as her bug doll and any sort of rattle that shakes. She loves to wake me up in the morning by stomping her feet instead of crying. She stomps both of them at the same time over and over again till I wake up. Autumn is starting to laugh and smile ALL the time and loves to watch our cat and Nathan. She has been drooling up a storm for several months now so she is always sporting a bib and I can't wait till those darn teeth come in. She has such sensitive skin.

I love this little girl so much! She is a sweetheart.

Here is a picture of her on her 6 month birthday. She is in Nathan's red wagon but you can't tell as I have a pillow and blanket under her.

My mom had the kids make me a gift that I got after work today but I will write about that later once she gives me her pictures. However, today after Jeremi got home from work he gave me a gift from the kids, too! I am spoiled!

So... I think I may have gained 200 lbs...

There is a place close to where Jeremi and I work that sells JUST CUPCAKES! To be honest, I love cupcakes and I am not afraid to chow one down and lick my fingers afterwards. Yummmm! Life is too short and why not indulge once in awhile?

However... I have NINE cupcakes! Just eating one gave me a major sugar rush. So, I just enjoyed looking at the others and visualizing what they may taste like.. Mmm. I have 2 chocolate ones, 1 peanut butter, 2 strawberry shortcakes, 2 sprinkles and 2 coconut ones. Delish!
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