Curly Crafty Mom: Baby Mania Sale! Nathan called it a Garage Sale Toy Parteeeee!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Baby Mania Sale! Nathan called it a Garage Sale Toy Parteeeee!

I am in a Mom's Club through the county that I live in and we host a Baby Mania sale twice a year. Its a HUGE sale where we sell parking spaces at the local high school, and each space is sold to a family looking to sell baby and toddler items for children ages 5 and under. ALL of the parking spaces always sell out and what is neat is that the high school's parking lot is a huge loop so you can go along the large circle as you shop on both sides.

Well, this was our second Baby Mania sale and we had a BLAST! I know a lot of people love to go to garage sales early, I like to go an hour late. The reason for this is because I don't have to wait in line to park AND people always mark things down the last hour because they don't feel like hauling it all back home with them.

Last time we went was last fall before Halloween and I was pregnant with Autumn and I went with my parents and Nathan. This time I went with my parents and we took both Nathan and Autumn in two separate strollers. Jeremi stayed home because he wanted to put Nathan's huge train table together that he is getting in a few weeks when he turns 3. Also, Jeremi's dad was over to drywall two places in our house due to some plumbing repairs we had done. He has to come back tomorrow to finish it and then Jeremi will need to repaint our Master bathroom. We have 3 bathrooms in our house, and the bathroom in the basement (where Nathan's playroom is) did not have venting installed, so when they added it, the vent goes up through the attic. They had to tear a hole in the wall to our Master bathroom to add the venting. So, now our basement toilet will flush and not overflow! YAY! Another plumbing issue we had was our main water line was leaking within the concrete foundation to our house. Our entire basement is drywalled (except the unfinished part) so they had to tear a hole in the drywall downstairs to reach the foundation wall so they could drill around the pipe and replace it. After $2,000 worth of plumbing repairs, at least Jeremi's dad (a carpentor) can fix our drywall for free! Yay! We'll get him lunch!

ANYWAY, back to the Baby Mania sale...

The weather was perfect but was just a little frigid in the morning when we left at 9:00 a.m. I got this adorable hat for Autumn for her stocking last Christmas and it finally fits her. I ordered it off of Crazy8 and it says, "I am not a boy." So cute!

Here we are at the school and there is a huge crowd! I can't wait to rent a booth when we are done having kids.

All the bags of stuff that Grandma Heaton bought for Nathan (a few things for Autumn).

Before Nathan went to bed I had him put all his new garage sale toys out on top of his dresser. Oh, no... we ran out of space... so...

We laid out even more toys on top of his hutch! WOW! LOTS OF TOYS!! His favorites are a talking and singing robot, a Nemo musical book and this old and ugly yellow truck.

Nathan insisted that I take a picture of him pointing to his toys. He is poiting to my favorite toy which is a Crayola wooden block set. It even came with a wooden car and crayola people.

This is what I bought. I got a Harley Davidson 12m shirt 50 cents, a orange fall 12m shirt 50 cents, a bag of hair bands 50 cents (def. not as cute as the Prissy Miss ones, but I'll be making an order soon), Baby Gap overall skirt $1, Carters polka dot dress with onesie 6-9 mo. $3 (way too high but I loved it) Thomas shirt for Nathan 75 cents. Oh, and my mom got a pack of bibs.
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