Curly Crafty Mom: Day 10 of Vacation: Memorial Day Pictures and Homemade Pink Lemonade

Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 10 of Vacation: Memorial Day Pictures and Homemade Pink Lemonade

Well, today is my last day off of work and it just does not feel like I will be returning to work tomorrow. Boo! I am not looking forward to pumping again when I return to work tomorrow. Bleh.

I'd like to give thanks to those who have given their lives in the military, we would not have the freedom we have in this country if they had not given their lives. Thanks.

Memorial Day was Nathan's first holiday after he was born. Therefore, I take pictures of him every Memorial Day to see how he has changed. He has the same outfit on this year as he did last year... it is getting harder and harder to get him to stay still for a photo. And, you can tell I lost the blanket and dalmatian dog after the 2nd year. lol.





And, here is one of the two of them!

Autumn's Memorial Day picture. She loves Nathan's room.

Autumn took a nap so I decided to do another Highlight activity with Nathan. This time we made homemade pink lemonade and ohhh was it tasty. Here is the recipe.

The ingredients. So simple- water, sugar, 6 large lemons and Cranberry juice.

Nathan is wondering what this is all about...

First, I had Nathan dump the sugar into the water so we could make the 'sugary syrup'.

Nathan does a great job at stirring the water/sugar mixture. Then, I cooked it on the stove to dissolve the sugar into the water.

Meanwhile, we squeezed the juicy lemons.

Nathan wanted to get the seeds out of the lemon juice.

He was so excited when he found a seed. The small things in life can really make your day (especially when you are a 3 year old).

Ok, either we did not squeeze enough or lemons just don't have a lot of juice in them, but we had JUST enough lemon juice (needed 1 cup).

Pouring the cranberry juice into the pitcher.

So tasty! It was really sweet so I added double the cups of water (6 cups instead of 3 cups of water) and it was perfect! Plus, this way we had more lemonade! Yay!
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