Curly Crafty Mom: Day 6 of Vacation: Potty Training Success, Nemo Treat and Water Play

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day 6 of Vacation: Potty Training Success, Nemo Treat and Water Play

Today Jeremi had to go back to work so I decided to hang around the house and my parents came over for a bit to help since we are in the process of potty training Mr. Nathan. Well, Nathan's Overnight diaper was dry as a bone so I sat him on the potty as I KNEW he had to go. He sat and sat and sat...for an hour and a half. I knew if I let him off he'd go... so, while I was cleaning he came up behind me and said, "Mommy I went!" and handed me the bowl from his potty and it was FULL! Yay!!

And, you know what? The REST of the day he told US when he needed to go! We did not even need to set the timer! It seemed every 30-45 minutes or more he'd run to his potty and tell us he had to go and we'd help him pull his shorts and underwear off (he can't seem to get them off fast enough). Anyway, he then would go within seconds, pull his underwear/pants back up, then carry it to the toilet and dump it, wash and play again!!! He did this ALL day! Of course he is in an Overnight diaper as he sleeps, but WOW we made GREAT progess today. It was like a light switched on, seriously, we took away the diapers the day after his birthday and I can't even count how many times we sat him down and nothing and then he'd wet his underwear. So, YAY to Nathan!!!!!!!! One of my goals this week off of work was to potty train him and SCORE! (I sure hope I don't jinx myself by writing this...)

I love to do fun activities with Nathan so today we decided to copy Melissa's GREAT snack idea from her blog My Little World. Nathan loves fishies and water so I thought he would love to help me make this fun snack.

The supplies- 2 packets of blue Jello, Nemo gummies, and small plastic cups.

Nathan getting ready to dump the Jello into the water to turn it BLUE like the water that fishies swim in!

Mixing it up

Nathan loved dropping his Nemo fishies and turtles into the blue water

Nathan wanted to touch the blue water and eat some of the fishies before they 'cooked'. lol.

Here is a closeup of the fish at the bottom of the cups

Nathan was a big help and put the cups in the refrig so his snack could 'cook' till tomorrow. He did not spill any of the Jello. Big boy!

After working on the Jello, my mom and I decided to fix the Topsy Turvy cherry tomato hanger that Jeremi had dropped. But, before we started on it, Nathan and I had a little bit of fun!

Oh I remember the days of being a carefree kid and running through the neighbor's sprinkler with my friends.

FINALLY, my topsy turvy is up! I might put my humming bird feeder on the other side if I can find it as I stored it away. It was funny because I noticed my neighbor two houses down has a topsy turvy, too! I am so excited about it because I LOVE TOMATOES! Yum!

Topsy Turvy Box
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