Curly Crafty Mom: Day 9 of Vacation: Grant's Farm

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 9 of Vacation: Grant's Farm

Before going to Grant's Farm we decided to stop at Sam's to get pizza and soda for ultra-cheap so we would not spend a fortune eating at Grant's Farm (yeah, right, we got hungry anyway and spent $20 on sodas, a hot dog for Nathan and cheese nachos). Oh well. I decided to take some silly pictures in the car while we ate our pizza.


Nate Dawg


Today we went to Grant's Farm which is owned by Anheuseur Busch and used to be the country home of the Busch family back in the early 1900's. We had so much fun! It was an overcast day and not too humid or hot- just perfect! When we first got there we saw a line out the wazoo and I had no idea why it was so long! The last time I had been to Grant's Farm was on my 18th birthday and I didn't remember much from Grant's Farm. Well, it turns out that you have to get on a tram to get into Grant's Farm! So, there was a line of people waiting to board the tram.

Here we are waiting to cross the street before boarding the tram. It reminded me of all of the lines you wait in at Six Flags to board a ride. lol.

Nathan was SO serious on the tram ride. This quickly faded once we got into Grant's Farm as he had a lot of fun! Plus, I think he had to go peepee as he will not go in his pull ups! So, I took him to the restroom after we got off the tram and he went for his first time ever in a public place! Way to go Nathan! Now, if we could just get him to poopoo on it! He has not poopoo'ed for TWO DAYS so I am freaking out!

This is the log cabin that resides on Grant's Farm. We learned on the tram ride that it used to reside on Art Hill in Forest Park and was on display for the 1904 World's Fair here. Busch bought it for $5,000 and moved it to Grant's Farm. I had no idea that it had evered moved, I just thought it was always off of Gravois Rd. He said Grant's Farm used to be the 'country' and that the Busch's would go there to escape the city (St. Louis). It has been open to the public for 55 years. They said that Gravois Road that goes past it used to be just a dirt rural road. Unbelievable! Of course, we all know InBev bought out Anheuseur Busch so I am sure it's just a matter of time until they sell Grant's Farm. I hope not, but you never know...

The first thing we did after getting off the tram (and going potty) was visiting the milk house to get milk for the goats! But, Nathan got to feed the goats milk with a baby bottle. He loved this!

Autumn was asleep so she missed out. Its a good thing because Autumn gets crabby if she sees a bah-bah (bottle) and can't have it!

Nathan feeding a goat milk. These goats must be the most well fed bunch in the world as a lot of them didn't even want milk and were laying down sleeping their little lives away with full bellies.

Goat looking at me

Of course, I did not want to miss out on all of the fun. So, I went out there with Nathan and let Jeremi stay back with Autumn to take pictures. Those goats would attack you when you'd first enter! One was nibbling on Nathan's shirt and I said, "No goat! Do you realize that is a Gymboree shirt, Mr. Goat? Shew!!" heheheh

We decided to take a break and we enjoyed a funnel cake. Nathan is eating a piece here.

Auttie woke up and decided she wanted to eat the map (oops, I mean chew on it)

Then we saw an elephant show. And... of course, the elephant pee'ed. I mean, it pee'ed like a river out of it. Oh my goodness... The poor lady doing the show had to mop it up before she could continue on. Of course, Nathan, just learning about the potty and all this week had a field day over the elephant pee'ing. I think his eyes almost bugged out of his head. Sigh. We will be hearing him talk about the elephant 'having an accident' and that 'it's ok to have accidents' for days. Lucky me.

Yeah, and just as the elephant finished pee'ing... a pretty pee (haha), ok PEAcock happened to walk by.


On our way out we had to wait in line to get on the tram again. Sigh. Plus, a thunderstorm was rolling in. Well, we got on and off the tram and decided to look in the gift shop. I also made Nathan a penny where it says Grant's Farm on it and he loved it. Well, of course, the storm hit as we exited the store. Oops. Yep, here I flat ironed my hair for nuttin'! I looked like a drowned rat after that! No pictures of that, sorry! ;o)-
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