Curly Crafty Mom: Employee Appreciation Day at Work

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Employee Appreciation Day at Work

My work has Employee Appreciation Day in May of every year with a different theme. The theme for it this year was sports. Some of the departments decorate their area and it is fun to walk around the building to see what other departments have done.

The company also has a bbq lunch outside for us and the managers cook and serve us. It was beautiful outside today at 75 degrees and we enjoyed our time outside. Some of the employees got together and formed a band and two of them were from my department and one of them being my boss!

They had a health fair for us with different vendors from St. Louis and we all got great freebies such as GNC vitamins (a full bottle!), hand sanitizer, Harvest slice of bread, a yummy fruit and granola bar, etc.

I wanted to share some pictures from my day...and be sure to watch the video, it is a riot!

My department did bowling and I used a 3D program that I normally use to make molecules for our covers and made it with bowling balls.

This is Susan from my department and you can see some of the bowling signs we made...

This ants in a pants game I brought in for the department I used to be in. It was mine as a kid, my mom saved it!

This picture is so funny, everyone is eating their Pixy Stick at the same time.

This is Carol who is in my department playing hopscotch.

One department did a soccer field.

Then while walking outside by the Health Fair we saw this! He got hungry and stopped and ate grass.. he was so cute!

My favorite of all the departments was the department that selected horse racing for their sport. One employee dragged this full size rocking horse into the building. And, sooo funny, it pooped! (Look for the chocolate doughnuts!)

This department did bets at .10 each and donated the money to Bark in the Park. To bet you selected a horse (one of the employee's in the department). Each employee had a photo of a horse on the back on their chair with a name. The race was basically the employee (horse) had to race other employees (horses) by rolling their chair backwards down the hall to see who was the fastest.

You have got to watch this video... This was such a hoot! I thought they were going to hit us while I was taking the video... they were going so fast! Ahh, what we do for fun in Corporate world!!! heehee! It was so funny because I showed this to Nathan and he said, "Mommy, I go to work with you tomorrow." haha!

There was even skid marks on the floor... ooops! Not good for 5S!
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