Curly Crafty Mom: Mature Mama's Birthday Gift Swap

Friday, May 1, 2009

Mature Mama's Birthday Gift Swap

What can I say? I love gift swaps! I always do a few each year. Every year the Mature Mama group that I am in does a birthday swap for our May 2006 preschoolers (can I call them that?! they are def. not toddlers anymore!) Anyway, we each make out a list of items our child would love to receive and we do a $20 swap, not including postage. The child I shopped for is getting a Loving Family doll house so I thought the Garden Set would be so cute since its Spring and I also got her the Grandma and Grandson dolls since everyone loves Grandma. Lastly, I got her a Dora bubble whistle. Nathan just started to blow whistles and every kid loves bubbles so I hope she enjoys it since Dora was on her list. I wish I would have had time to look for more original gifts but I needed to mail it before her birthday and her daugher is actually a LATE April birthday instead of May so I had to shop and mail it all on the same dady! So, I hope she enjoys it. I'll post again when Nathan gets his in the mail and opens it.

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