Curly Crafty Mom: Mother's Day Gift from Grandma's House

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Gift from Grandma's House

Nathan and Autumn go over to my Mom's house and she watches them while I am at work. She had Nathan work on a Mother's Day gift for me which was so thoughtful of her.

Nathan and Autumn made me a Mother's Day card with their precious handprints and stickers.

Nathan is putting a giftcard in my gift bag from my favorite store. My Mom knows I love spending money on clothes for the kids! I also got an iTunes giftcard and 3 boxes of candy (ugh, I am never going to lose my muffin top! 30 Day Shred starts next week!)

Nathan is ready to give me my Mother's Day present! THANKS Mom for taking pictures and for helping Nathan and Autumn with my gifts!
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