Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's First Dentist Appointment

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nathan's First Dentist Appointment

Well, we FINALLY got Nathan to his first dentist appointment at Sunset Hills Pediatric Dentistry. Since I have taken a half day already this month for Jeremi's surgery AND I took a week off last week, I did not go along for his first appointment today. Boo! Jeremi took him and he said the place was wonderful! We were so nervous because at this place they have the child go back without the parent. Nathan went back there and they said he did so good! Jeremi said he got a tour of the place and the part where the dentist works on you is all open so the kids see each other. The place has an aquarium theme and Jeremi said there were real fishes, murals, etc.

Before Nathan's visit they mailed us this book and it tells Nathan what to expect at his first dentist appointment. The book is neat because it has Nathan's name and his Doctor's name in it.

Here is an inside page of the book and you can see Nathan's name in it. There is also a ladybug hidden on each page.

Then, they told us to dress Nathan in something nice because there is room on the last page for the picture they took of him at the dentist. I love it!

Nathan got to take home a bag of goodies such as kiddie toothpaste, floss, toothbrush, stickers and a bouncy ball. He was so proud of it all when I picked him up after work and told me what each thing was in the bag.
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