Curly Crafty Mom: Sinupret for Kids

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sinupret for Kids

I am a member of SheSpeaks and they sent me a full size trial of Sinupret for Kids. I had never heard of Sinupret prior to receiving it in the mail, but researched it before trying it. It supports the upper respiratory system, promotes healthy nasal passages and strengthens the immune system. It is for children ages 2 and up and is a natural and safe remedy from Germany that has NEVER had a serious side effects recorded. I decided to call my pediatrician before giving this product to Nathan when he had a cold last month. Our pediatrician had heard of it and told us that it was safer then some of the other over the counter cold medicines on the shelves. I decided to give Nathan a dose and it really did help clear his nasal passages! I was so happy and so was he! He did not complain at all when I gave him the dosage and it was not hard to figure out what to give him by the directions. I recommend this to anyone that is looking for a product that works!

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